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Cincinnati's very own Girl Group - The Teardrops

by John Clemente
Two 14 year-old music enthusiasts, Dorothy Sunni Dyer and Linda Lin Schroeder formed the Teardrops in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1961. They were encouraged to form a singing group after someone heard them singing from the audience at a concert in a teen nightclub. They soon recruited Pat Punkin Strunk, a friend from Hughes High School, to be the third voice in the group. Dorothy gave The Teardrops their name and soon the trio was performing at local teen venues in Cincinnati during 1962-63. The girls were spotted by musician/arranger George Bud Reneau, who soon introduced them to his partner, songwriter Paul Trefzger. Paul was enthused that the girls sang well and were quick studies.

The trio signed with Bud and Pauls Saxony Records in 1964, and soon after recruited their fourth member, Wanda Wendy Sheriff. This quartet recorded Tonight Im Gonna Fall In Love/Thats Why Ill Get By for Saxony in the fall of 1964. This double-sided gem received local airplay in Cincinnati and in many other cities in America and abroad, hitting Number 1 in, of all places, Okinawa! The Teardrops capitalized on this local success, opening for national acts like The Beach Boys and Sonny and Cher when these acts appeared in Cincinnati. A polished stage act with an extensive repertoire garnered The Teardrops much club work in greater Cincinnati. A second Saxony single followed in early 1965, the beautiful Call Me and Ill Be Happy, led by Linda, flipped with the frantic Im Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend, led by Dorothy. Later in 1965, Tinker Smiddy replaced Dorothy. The groups third single, the intense Tears Come Tumbling, flipped with the girl group dance floor favorite, You Wont Be There, won enough local airplay to be picked up for national distribution by Musicor Records. Musicor also released their final single, the patriotic I Will Love You Dear Forever flipped with the snappy Bubblegummer in 1966.

Wendy and Pat left in 1966. Tinker left in 1967. Dorothy returned, joining Linda, Bobbie Frost and Susie Leight for the groups final incarnation. Marriage and career changes finally broke up the group in 1969.

During the 1980s, Teardrops recordings surfaced on vinyl in England, including the previously unreleased Northern Soul stomper Here Comes Loneliness. The Teardrops still reside in the Cincinnati area and get together on occasion to sing. This prompted Paul Trefzger to release two Saxony singles, I Will Love You Dear Forever and Walking Down Main Street, plus a CD of The Teardrops material.

The Teardrops in 1964

1964 (L-R) Wendy Sheriff, Pat Strunk, Dorothy Dyer, Linda Schroeder.

The Teardrops in 1965

Teardrops, 1965 - Wendy, Pat, Linda, Tinker.

The Teardrops in 1967

The Teardrops, 1967 - (L-R) Bobbie Frost, Susie Leight, Dorothy, Linda.

The Teardrops in 1990

The Teardrops, 1990 - (L-R) Tinker, Dorothy, Linda, Wendy

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