If you've heard their records, you'll know how great they sound. And if you've surfed over to Perfect Sound Forever recently, you might have read Loud Harmonic Transcendence: The Honey Ltd Story. This page of illustrations is designed to complement that article. [Please click on each image for a closer view]

The Mama Cats Hideout Records' publicity photo, 1967. Back row (L-R): Joan Sliwin, Laura Creamer, Alex Sliwin. Front: Marsha Jo Temmer.

LHI Records publicity photo. Back (L-R): Alex Sliwin and Marsha Jo Temmer. Front: Laura Creamer and Joan Sliwin.

Taking a break to see ruins in Thailand while on tour with the United States Organisation in Vietnam, December 1968.

Before going onstage for the USO, Vietnam, December 1968.

Double-page ad from Billboard, c. Spring 1968, for their first LHI single, "Come Down".

LHI Records publicity photo #2. L-R: Laura, Marsha Jo, Joan and Alex.

Joan, Laura and Alex seen here clowning with Joey Bishop.

LHI Records publicity photo #3, possibly near Lee Hazlewood's 9000 Sunset Blvd. Office.

More jokes with Joey Bishop on his TV show, 1968.

In the studio with Lee Hazlewood (enlarged still from Song Hits magazine).

Opening for Eddie Fisher at Caeser's Palace - late '68/early '69.

Publicity shot for an unknown newspaper, 1968.

Belting it out onstage in Vietnam, December 1968. L-R: Laura, Alex, Joan, Marsha Jo.

Night-time appearance, Vietnam, December 1968.

Publicity still for EVE, late 1969, early 1970. L-R: Laura, Marsha Jo, Joan.

Fash-In and Beau-Tee! Song Hits magazine article, December 1968.
With thanks to Temmer Darigan, Alexandra Collins, Joan Sliwin Glasser and Laura Creamer.
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