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Subject: Episode 119: Jack Nitzsche (Updated Repeat) Weekend of July 11, 2004

Okay kids, time for a pop quiz.
Who is the Secretary of Defense?
What's the capital of North Dakota?
What is the capital of the Chase Manhattan Bank?
Who arranged all the great Spector records, did a bunch of film soundtracks,
and is a great producer too?
The answers are: who cares, I don't know, I don't know, and Jack Nitzsche!
We're celebrating him this week in the Underground Garage!
We've got the Turtles, Randy Newman, Graham Parker and the Rumour,
Neil Young, the Yardbirds, and Mink DeVille.
New music from the Forty-Fives, the High Dials, the Contrast, Reigning Sound, and the Paybacks.
We've got special guest Andrew Loog Oldham talking about Jack working with the Rolling Stones. And tune in to find out what Crazy Horse, the Crystals, and the Monkees have in common.
It's the coolest rock 'n roll records ever made.
We'll see you this weekend in the Underground Garage.
~Little Steven~
"When I look at a list of all the things I've done, it really does blow my mind.
I really did a lot of stuff and nobody knows it."
- Jack Nitzsche
From an interview for "The Encyclopedia Of Record Producers"
(Billboard Books, 1999).courtesy ofhttp://www.spectropop.com/JackNitzsche/