Terry Day - I Love You Betty

  Jack Nitzsche at Spectropop presents

      Prod. by Terry Melcher

      Arr. & Cond. Jack Nitzsche

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It's a Record
Produced by Terry Melcher, arranged and conducted by Jack Nitzsche
Unless noted *
Terry Day *1 That's All I Want / I Waited Too Long Columbia 42427 62
 (Hazan) / (Hazan)  
Emil O'Connor There's A Time / Some Of Your Lovin' Columbia 42617 62
 (O'Connor) / (Spector-Phillips)  
Eddie Hodges Secret / Seein' Is Believin' Columbia 42649 62
 (Greenfield-Miller) / (Chandler-McKendry)  
Terry Day *2 Be A Soldier / I Love You, Betty Columbia 42678 63
 (Hilliard) / (Spector-Hunter)  
Rip Chords Here I Stand Columbia 42687 63
Eddie Hodges Too Soon To Know Columbia 42697 63
Frankie Laine Don't Make My Baby Blue Columbia 42767 63
Eddie Hodges Halfway Columbia 42811 63
Frankie Laine Take Her / I'm Gonna Be Strong Columbia 42884 63
 (Newman) / (Mann-Weil)  
Doris Day Move Over Darling / Twinkle Lullaby Columbia 42912 63
 (Melcher-Kantor-Lubin) / (Lubin)  
Doris Day *3 Rainbow's End Columbia 43099 64
Gentle Soul Tell Me Love Columbia 43952 67
Paul Revere & The Raiders *4 Ups And Downs Columbia 44018 67
Bruce & Terry *5 Halfway Sundazed 11052 98
Doris Day *6 Let The Little Girl Limbo Bear Family 1580 00
Gentle Soul Tell Me Love (alternate version) Sundazed CD 11123 04
*1 Produced by Al Hazan
*2 Produced by Phil Spector
*3 Co-Produced Allen Stanton
*4 Horns scored by Nitzsche who quite possibly worked on other uncredited recordings for Paul Revere & The Raiders and Terry Melcher.
*5 Recorded in 1963 but not released until Bruce & Terry's Sundazed CD. Accessing the session details, Stephen McParland notes in "Sound Waves And Traction" that it utilizes Jack's arrangement for Eddie Hodges.
*6 Three versions were recorded in 1963 but not released until Bear Family's "Move Over Darling" Box Set.
Emil O'Connor I Wanna Be There 62
Emil O'Connor Hey There Mountain 62
Emil O'Connor *1 Yes Sir That's My Baby 6?
  (Kahn - Donaldson)  
Frankie Laine Hey There Mountain 63
Anita Bryant *2 Let The Little Girl Limbo 63
Doris Day *3 Send Me No Flowers 64
  (Bacharach-David )  
*1 In Jack Nitzsche's BOMP! interview he named Emil's track as the inspiration for the legendary Hale and the Hushabyes 45.
*2 Terry Melcher interviewed by Stephen McParland in "Sound Waves and Traction" said, "I used the same track for Anita and Doris Day".
*3 Jack was asked by Bacharach and David to give their tune a "white Ronettes sound".
Surfin' The Web
On Site
Terry Melcher's name does not crop up on Jack Nitzsche's site as much as it does on my record player, but Al Hazan's two pages are required reading. And check out the Bomp interview on the magazine page.
Early Days                         Al Hazan & Jack Nitzsche's Record Of The Week                            Bomp!
Off Site

Considering Terry Melcher's impressive back-catalogue, it is disappointing to note that there is no fan or official site devoted to his recordings. Rather, he appears as an extra in the lives and careers of others; Doris Day, The Byrds, Paul Revere and The Raiders, The Rising Sons, Charles Manson, The Beach Boys etc. I would appreciate recommendations for sites that do include an in-depth appraisal and serious critique of his musical legacy.
For now, an obituary from The Times, a good Poptones review and The Complete Al Hazan Story will have to suffice. Al's site is a story and musical delight; most of the Hazan - Nitzsche - Day tracks are available to hear, as is another unreleased Hazan - Day track, "Just Another Broken Heart".

poptones: soundoffs                             The Complete Al Hazan Story                                 The Times
Between The Covers
Sound Waves And Traction: Surf And Hot-Rod Studio Groups Of The '60s: Volume 1 - Stephen J McParland (CM Music Books, 2002)
A thoroughly engrossing read - first-hand interviews, session information and the most concise review of Terry's work up to '65. All you'd expect from one of the foremost historians of '60s music. Buy both volumes from CM Music and check out the rest of Stephen's books.
The Best Of Bruce & Terry - (Sundazed 11052, 1998)
Interesting interviews and sleeve notes by Al Quaglieri, but a disappointing lack of session info. But of course you MUST buy the CD for the music.
The Encyclopedia Of Record Producers - Edited by Eric Olsen, Paul Verna & Carlo Wolff (Billboard Books, Watson-Guptill, 1999)
Very useful reference work that sets its remit too wide for a cover to cover read, but dip in-between the covers for an occasional night-time page or two bio/discography and it excels.
BOMP! - Interview by Ken Barnes (with Greg Shaw) - Winter 76/77 Issue No. 16
Greg Shaw's imprint that crossed all musical divides, just one reason why his name commands such respect. Last time I looked, back issues were still available.
Waiting For The Sun: the story of the los angeles music scene - Barney Hoskyns (Viking, 1996)
Makes a valiant and engrossing attempt at doing what it says on the cover. Good writing, good interviews, good pictures, but with a subject this broad it can only give a good scratch to the surface.
Doris Day - Eric Braun (Orion - Revised edition, 2004)
As expected Ms. Day comes across in real life not that dissimilar from her screen and song persona. Nice book.
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