Here, exclusively for our readers, is the day-by-day diary of THE WHYTE BOOTS - a new Philips recording group. The three girls - Rhonda Copland, Page Miller and Kathy Francis - were introduced in last week's edition as they made their disc debut with NIGHTMARE. We follow their progress by printing their personal diary, reporting their engagements and spotlighting the record's chart climb.

Monday, January 30, 1967:
Up early for meeting with Philips officials. Heard good news that the disc has been picked as a "breakout" on the West Coast. Spent morning on the telephone talking with radio station disc jockeys in San Francisco, L.A., San Diego, Seattle, Portland. Everybody very nice and complimentary. They dig the record. (A.M.D.A. gave us permission to cut classes.)

Tuesday, January 31, 1967:
Producers Pam and Lori telephoned while we were all having breakfast. They want us to fly out to the West Coast to make personal appearances. Very excited about it. Spent rest of the morning shopping in boutiques for clothes for the trip. All of us flipped over the new flashing electric light dresses at Paraphernalia. Kathy wouldn't take hers off and went blinking all over 5th Avenue!

Wednesday, February 1, 1967:
Again up early, this time for photo publicity session. Took all our Mod clothes with us. Real handsome photographer had us doing some groovy things. Hope they turn out great. Lunch with magazine people in N.Y. for photo layouts. Afternoon did more publicity shots in Central Park - the back to Philips Fifth Ave offices to make calls to radio stations in Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas and Phoenix. Record looks better than big and is rushing eastward.

Thursday, February 2, 1967:
Met in the morning with New York promo man for Philips - Norm Rubin. He took us off in his car for visits to New York area radio stations. Nice time except for the terrible traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Returned early afternoon to Philips studio to cut promo tapes - "Hi! - We are the Whyte Boots - we hope you dig our first record, 'Nightmare'. It's a dream of a disc!"

Friday, February 3, 1967:
Grabbed cab and just made it to JFK airport - put faces on in cab. Read our story in GO magazine on the flight out - s'marvey! Watched great movie - Lee Marvin is something else - all man! At L.A. International met Frank Leffell, the Philips man, and whisked to dreamy lunch by the Beverly Hills Hotel swimming pool. Page couldn't wait to get out of her boots and into her bikini! Party that night for new flick at Traumans Chinese.

Weekend, February 4, 5, 1967:
San Diego Naval Base called after seeing our pix in L.A. papers. Agreed to do special show. Flew down in our own private military helicopter. Had rush to Fresno later where local radio station presented big hop. (Got the feeling Rhonda wanted to stay at the base! mmm) Had a late morning to rest up then started magazine interview. At 5, changed for swimsuit fashion parade. Later caught midnight plane back to N.Y. - slept all the way!

(from GO magazine, Feb 17, 1967 - with thanks to Clark Besch.)

It's December 1966 in the Bible Belt. All across Salt Lake City, parents ask their kids what they'd like for Christmas. As one they reply, "Number 33 on the KNAK Boss 40 - 'Nightmare' by the Whyte Boots!" (Click on image for larger version)

NB: The Whyte Boots did not actually exist. (But you knew that.) To read the true story and hear their recordings, investigate Lori Burton's "Breakout" CD, out now on Rev-Ola. Find more info here:

Images courtesy Mick Patrick, Martin Roberts and Clark Besch