Dimension Records Discography


2000 Carole King It Might As Well Rain Until September/Nobody's Perfect
(Originally released as Companion 2000 in 6/62)
1000 Little Eva The Loco Motion/He Is The Boy
1001 Big Dee Irwin And Heaven Was There/Everybody's Got A Dance But Me
1002 Cookies Chains/Stranger In My Arms
1003 Little Eva Keeps Your Hands Off My Baby/Where Do I Go
1004 Carole King School Bells Are Ringing/I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance
1005 Young William & The Jamaicans Limbo Drums/Limbo Drums pt. 2
1006 Little Eva Let's Turkey Trot/Down Home
1007 Idalia Boyd Some Kind Of Wonderful/Hula Hoppin'
1008 Cookies Don't Say Nothin Bad About My Baby/Softly In The Night
1009 Carole King He's A Bad Boy/We Grew Up Together
1010 Big Dee Irwin Swinging On A Star/Another Night With The Boys
1011 Little Eva Old Smoky Locomotion/Just A Little Girl
1012 Cookies I Want A Boy For My Birthday/Will Power
1013 Little Eva What I Gotta Do (To Make You Jealous)/The Trouble With Boys
1014 The Storytellers Time Will Tell/When Two People (Are In Love)
(Originally released as Ramark 501 in 7/63)
1015 Big Dee Irwin Happy Being Fat/Soul Waltzin
1016 The Shut Downs Beach Buggy/Four In The Floor
1017 Sonny Curtis Last Song I'm Ever Gonna Sing/So Used To Loving You
1018 Big Dee Irwin You're My Inspiration/Skeeter
1019 Little Eva Let's Start The Party Again/Please Hurt Me
1020 Cookies Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys/Only To Other People
1021 Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva The Christmas Song/I Wish You Had A Merry Christmas
1022 Ron Winters Snowgirl/In The Middle Of The Morning
1023 Les Cooper Swobblin/Motor City
1024 Sonny Curtis A Beatle I Want To Be/So Used To Loving You
1025 Caroline Day Teenage Prayer/Steam
1026 Cinderellas Baby Baby/Please Don't Wake Me
1027 Smoky Owens Snakey/The Tweedle Dee
1028 Big Dee Irwin I Want So Much To Know/Heigh Ho
1029 Ron Winters Back In The USA/Let Me Prove It To You
1030 Johnny Pina Goodbye To Hillside High/Why Must You Love Him
1031 Cabin Crew Lovers Gome/She Ain't A Yacht
1032 Cookies I Never Dreamed/Old Crowd
1033 Ron Winters How Can You Kiss A Sport Car/Red MG
1034 Jewels Opportunity/Gotta Find A Way
1035 Little Eva Makin' With The Magilla/Run To Her

1037 Pete Cooke Little Darlin/I Won't Cry

1039 The Lullabyes My Heart Cries For You/You Touch Me
1040 The Delacardos Forget About The Fellow/Dance Gypsy Dance
1041 The Spandells Say No Girl/The Boy Next Store
1042 Little Eva Wake Up John/Takin Back What I Said
1043 Bobby Sheen My Shoes Keep Walkin Back To You/Want You For My Sweetheart
1044 Patty Livingston I've Got My Baby/Playin With Fire
1045 The Snowmen Come Up And Ski Me Sometimes/Skiing USA
1046 The Ronettes He Did It/Recipe For Love
1047 The Canaries I'm Sorry Baby/Runaround Ronnie
1048 The Jewels But I Do/Smokey Joe (Also: But I Do/Looky Looky)
1049 The Bushmen Baby/What I Have I'll Give To You
1050 Magnificent VII Show Me/Boogidy
1051 Nooney Rickett Bye Bye Baby/Maybe The Last Time

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