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Betty Everett is remembered primarily for "The Shoop Shoop Song," a huge Top 10 hit in 1964, but she recorded throughout her life and was recognized as one of the top soul singers of her time.

Everett was born in Greenwood, Miss. in 1939. In her late teens she moved to Chicago where she recorded for local labels in the late 1950s and early 1960s. But it was when A&R man Calvin Carter inked Everett to a deal with VeeJay Records in '63 that her career really took off. Carter, who recorded the infectuous "You're No Good" with Everett, recalled in an interview published in Both Sides Now that the Dells were at the recording session, "They were sitting on the wooden platform where the string players would sit. Well, they were sitting there on the playback and just stomping their feet on this wooden platform to the beat of the song as it was playing back. So the mics were open and I heard it. I told the engineer 'Let's do it again, and let's mic those foot sounds, 'cause it really gave it a hell of a beat.' * " Indeed it did.

Even though Everett's "You're No Good," failed to make the Top 50 at the time, it was a treasured favorite among musicians. Over the the years it has become a rock and roll staple, having been covered by the likes of Swinging Blue Jeans, Linda Rondstadt and many others. After the near miss of "You're No Good," Everett recorded "The Shoop Shoop Song" in the spring of 1964, and it soared to Billboard's Top 10. "The Shoop Shoop Song" was later used in the soundtrack for the 1990 movie "Mermaids" as covered by Cher.

Other highlights of Everett's recording career include "I Can't Hear You," "Getting Mighty Crowded" a number of duets with the Impressions' Jerry Butler, including their Top 10 single, "Let It Be Me." There were other Betty Everett/Jerry Butler duets. One was their single "Smile" and their LP Delicious Together. "There'll Come A Time" was her first entry in the soul charts, and it made number two. It was also her last top forty hit. Betty had five more songs to make the soul charts on Uni and Fantasy by 1971. Over the next couple of years she released moderately successful albums like Love Rhythm and Happy Endings. Although her chart success was primarily at VeeJay, she recorded for many labels over the years. She received the BMI Pop Award in 1964 and 1991, and the BMI R&B Award in 1964. Since the 1980s Everett had lived in Beloit where she remained involved in the Fountain of Life and New Covenant churches and the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

"The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" singer Betty Everett was found deceased in her Beloit, Wisconsin home on August 19, 2001 by her family. She was 61.
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Partial 45 Discography (*=with Jerry Butler) Label Year
Your Love Is Important To Me / I'll Be There RENTAS 2 1962
I'll Be There / Please Love Me ONE-DERFUL 4823 1963
Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) / Hands Off VEE JAY 585 1964
I Can't Hear You / Can I Get To Know You VEE JAY 599 1964
It Hurts To Be In Love / Until You Were Gone VEE JAY 610 1964
Getting Mighty Crowded / Chained To A Memory VEE JAY 628 1964
The Real Thing / Gonna Be Ready VEE JAY 683 1965
Too Hot To Hold / I Don't Hurt Anymore VEE JAY 699 1965
Trouble Over The Weekend / The Shoe Won't Fit VEE JAY 716 1966
*Let It Be Me / Ain't That Loving You Baby VEE JAY 613 1964
*Smile / Love Is Strange VEE JAY 633 1964
*Since I Don't Have You / Just Be True VEE JAY 676 1965
*Fever / The Way You Do The Things You Do VEE JAY 691 1965
In Your Arms / Nothing I Wouldn't Do ABC 10829 1966
Bye Bye Baby / Your Love Is Important To Me ABC 10861 1966
Love Comes Tumbling Down / People Around Me ABC 10919 1967
I Can't Say / My Baby's Loving My Best Friend ABC 10978 1967

(*The VeeJay Story c Mike Callahan)

Betty Everett Bio

"Betty Everett is remembered primarily for one huge hit in the 60's, but she was also one of the very best soul singers and actually recorded many songs. She was born in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1939. Starting at age nine she played the piano and sang in church. She continued to sing in gospel choirs, and moved to Chicago in 1957. In Chicago she continued to sing. She recorded songs on some of the local Chicago labels such as C.J., Cobra and OneDerful in the late 50's and early 60's, coming up with local hits such as I'll Be There and I've Got A Claim On You..." >>>presented by Tom Simon
Shoop Shoop Song at CD Now Betty Everett
Audio clips to Betty Everett's recordings available here: The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss), You're No Good, Too Hot to Hold, Getting Mighty Crowded, Hands Off, Chained to Your Love, It Hurts to Be in Love, By My Side, I Don't Hurt Anymore, Where Are You?, The Real Thing, Can I Get to Know You, Hound Dog, June Night, I Need You So, Prince of Players, Someday Soon, No Place to Hide, Trouble over the Weekend, Down in the Country, Gotta Be Ready, With You I Stand, The Shoe Won't Fit, I Can't Hear You, Until You Were Gone
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