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AMG Research Tool

Visitors to the Research Center are encouraged to do initial research here at AMG. In the event the results do not provide sufficient information on the queried subject, further research using the additional tools below is recommended.
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Spectropop Research Tool for Yahoo Music

The reference database for music here is extensive, offering biographical material, discographies and additional information related to the subject and results of the researcher's query.
Play all my records, keep dancing all night

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Spectropop Research Tool for Record Masters

With over 650,000 listings, The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Music is one of the largest music databases ever written. Thousands of quality cover photos to help determine the exact recording you own.
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UBL Research Tool

Visitors may research topics at the internet location devoted to getting information into the hands of music enthusiasts.
I've never heard this record. Will you play it for me?

MUSICSEEK: Online Music Research

Discover music downloads available on the internet by entering an artist name, album name or song name in the text entry field provided below:
These mai tais are great!

Customize your research query:
Number of research results per page:
Intelligent Research Tool
Don't research sites with a ratio
Search for: MP3 VQF AAC RA
Show sites that have a reliability rating of at least

Broadcast Music Inc.

Research Database directly from Spectropop
Research By Title
Research by Author or Composer(last name, first name)
Research by Music Publisher Name
Research by Artist or Group name

Spectropop International Lyric Research Tool

Fill in one of the available text fields and click on Lyric Research.
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For best results when searching by Artist, use
Last Name First Name (i.e., Spector Phil) - no commas!

Spectropop Songfile Research

Select category and enter information in the text entry field, then click on "Research Songfile Database".
Don't Play Number Nine

Spelling Variations

Spectropop Internet Dictionary

The Happiest Place on Earth

Type in your word and press ENTER/RETURN.
Word to Look Up:

Spectropop Internet Thesaurus

Spectropop After Sunset

Type in your word or phrase and press ENTER/RETURN.
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Japanese/English Translation Service

Vn Japanese Dictionary
For Japanese capable browsers only
Your computer must have Japanese fonts to use this translating service
Type Word Here:

Webtender search engine for mixed drinks of all kinds.

Webtender search engine for mixed drinks of all kinds.
Attaching a "+" (plus) to a word requires that the word be in the search results.
Attaching a "-" (minus) to a word will ensure that none of the results contain that word.
Putting quotes around a set of words will find results that match that exact string.

Always shaken, never stirred
Drink name




Yahoo World Wide Web General Research Tool
Located adjacent to the Tiki Room

The Spectropop Group Multi Engine Research Tool

Come Fly With Me

More References and Resources

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