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Riss changed her surname to match her latest
group The Chantelles - by Ian Chapman

British girl-group the Chantelles evolved from the Lana Sisters, the trio that was Dusty Springfield's first group in the late 50s. A couple of years after Dusty's departure to join the Springfields, the Lanas relaunched themselves with a hipper new image. They were led by Iris (Riss) Chantelle, who seemed to change her surname to suit whichever group she was in at the time - previously she was known as Iris Lana! The Chantelles cut several singles, including more than their fair share of fab ones: -

I Want That Boy/London My Home Town - Parlophone R5271 - '65
Sticks And Stones/The Secret Of My Success - Parlophone R5303 - '65
Gonna Get Burned/Gonna Give Him Some Love - Parlophone R5350 - '65
I Think Of You/Please Don't Kiss Me - Parlophone R5431 - '66
There's Something About You/Just Another Fool - Polydor 56119 - '66
The Man I Love/Blue Mood - CBS 2777 - '67
Out Of My Mind/More To Love (Than Moonlight) (billed as "The Chantelles of London)- US GNP Crescendo 415 - '68

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"I Want That Boy" is great Erect-a-Spector - a cover of a US single by Sadina, but with far more of a hit-you -between-the-eyes production - one of the all-time blockbuster British girl group records. By contrast, its flip "London My Home Town" is pure rinky-dink, and both "Sticks And Stones" and "Secret Of My Success" are in a similar style. "Gonna Get Burned" doesn't go for the Spector sound, but it is good uptempo pop, while "Gonna Give Him Some Love" is a relentless northern soul pounder.

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Looking very mod with their matching blonde bouffants and brocade trouser suits, the trio sang both the ballad "I Think Of You" and the girly "Please Don't Kiss Me" (not to be confused with Charmettes song) in the black & white British pop movie "Dateline Diamonds", which also featured the Small Faces and Kiki Dee.

The one-off Polydor single "There's Something About You" is no relation to the Four Tops number, but it is another dancer, and it has become a fringe northern soul collectable over the years, making it the group's most sought-after single. The flip, "Just Another Fool", was also recorded by Lesley Gore.

click here for full size pic "The Man I Love" on CBS was a good uptempo reading of the Gershwin standard. Their final single, "Out Of My Mind" is one of those curiosities where a UK act had a single that was never issued in the UK, only the States. The record - another echoey raver - was produced in London by Miki Dallon, and to allay any confusion with the US Chantels, the group was billed as "The Chantelles of London". In fact, when the Chantelles launched themselves in 1965, UK writer and soul guru Dave Godin slated their choice of name, saying it was sure to cause confusion between the two groups.
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After the Chantelles broke up in the late 60s, Riss stayed in the music business as a publisher, and has regularly been interviewed about her days as a Lana Sister with Dusty. There are references to her, or quotes from her, in most of the published biographies on Ms. Springfield. Maybe one day she'll get the opportunity to tell the Chantelles story. Footnote to collectors: Around the same time as the CBS single, another UK girl group, the Chanters (later known as the Chanter Sisters) also had releases on CBS. Different group, but their records were great too! Also, there is a 70s single credited to the Chantelles on the UK Black Magic label - this is a stomping version of Del Shannon's "Runaway", recorded for the northern soul market by a studio group with a male soul falsetto lead (Gary Jackson). Not at all girl-group, but pretty good too!

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