While the female singers and girl groups on the British recording scene of the 1960s were typically in their twenties, THE ORCHIDS of Coventry - Georgina Oliver, Pamela Jarman and Valerie Jones - were 14-year-old schoolgirls when they made their first record. Thus, they are contenders for the title of Britain's only true girl group. >>>presented by Spectropop

The Orchids Profile

"The Orchids were a trio of 15-year-old girls from Coventry who went from winning a local talent contest to national television and an international recording career. Georgina Oliver, Pamela Oliver, and Valerie Jones won their contest at Coventry's Orchid Ballroom, thus acquiring their name, and fell right into the managerial arms of Larry Page (renowned for his later work with the Troggs), who played up their youth and innocence." >>>presented by All Music Guide

The Orchids Profile

A British girl group called the Orchids appeared in the '64 British pop clip movie "Just For You". singing Pamela Jarmen, Georgina Oliver, and Valerie Jones formed one of the most wild sounding British girl groups ever. The Blue Orchids and the Breakaways took the early sound of the Phil Spector girl groups in America, and amplified it. When the Blue Orchids sang, the audience couldnft help but to listen to those three pre-teen girls with the loud, loud sound!". >>>presented by the History of Rock

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