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The Paris Sisters Discography
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The Paris Sisters Discography at Spectropop is based on J.D. Doyle's document which originally appeared in Philately No.#06, c/o Phil Spector Appreciation Society, 1985


Decca 29372 - (1954) - Ooh la la/Whose arms are you missing
Decca 29488 - (1955) - Huckleberry pie/Baby honey baby
Decca 29692 - (1955)* - Give me a band and my baby/Truly
Decca 29527 - (1955)* - Truly/His and hers
Decca 29574 - (1955) - I wanna/The know-how
Decca 29744 - (1955) - Lover boy/Oh yes you do
Decca 29891 - (1956) - I love you dear/Mistaken
Decca 29970 - (1956) - Daughter daughter/So much - so very much
Decca 30554 - (1958) - Don't tell anybody/Mind reader
Imperial 5465 - (1957) - Old enough to cry/Tell me more
Imperial 5487 - (1957) - My original love/Some day
Gregmark 2 - (1961) - Be my boy/I'll be crying tomorrow -
Gregmark 6 - (1961) - I love how you love me/All through the night -
Gregmark 10 - (1962) - He knows I love him too much/A lonely girl's prayer
Gregmark 12 - (1962) - What am I to do/Let me be the one
Gregmark 13 - (1962) - Yes - I love you/Once upon a while ago
MGM 13236 - (1964) - Dream lover/Lonely girl
Mercury 72320 - (1964) - When I fall in love/Once upon a time
Mercury 72468 - (1965) - Always Waitin'/Why do I take it from you
Reprise 440 - (1966) - Sincerely/Too good to be true
Reprise 472 - (1966) - You/I'm me
Reprise 511 - (1966) - My good friend/It's my party
Reprise 548 - (1967) - Some of your lovin'/Long after tonight is all over
GNP Crescendo 410(1968) - Stark Naked Clown/Ugliest girl in town
Capitol 2081 - (1968) - Golden Days/Greener Days
Cavalier 828** - Zorch boogie/Bully, bully man
Cavalier 829** - Christmas in my home town/The man with the mistletoe Moustache
*Gary Crosby and The Paris Sisters
** might be by a different group, anyone out there have a copy?


Golden Hits Of The Paris Sisters
Sidewalk LP 5906 - Golden Hits Of The Paris Sisters
- I love how you love me/I don't even care/Won't you help me/I came a long way to nowhere/Can't help falling in love/Be my boy/I don't give a darn/Together/Yesterday/He knows I love him too much

The Paris Sisters Sing From The Glass House
Unifilms LP 505 - (1966) - Sing From The Glass House
- Can't help falling in love/Together/The best part of it is/You went your way/Your own glass house/ Yesterday/How can you know my love/Help me/Your own way

Paris Sisters Sing Everything Under the Sun
Reprise LP 6259(1967) - Sing Everything Under The Sun!
- My good friend/Sincerely/See that boy/You/Long after tonight is all over/Some of your lovin'/Too good to be true/I'm me/ It's my party/Born to be with you



York 405 - (1967) - He noticed me/Help me
York 409 - (1967) - By the time I get to Phoenix/He owns the world
U.K. RAK 184 - (1974) - I love how you love me/Over you


Priscilla Sings Herself
York LP 4004 - (1967) - Priscilla Sings Herself
- He noticed me/Make believe world/Stone is very very cold/Help me/I'm home/Wandering/He owns the world/My window/Look what you've done to me/I can't complain

Priscilla Loves Billy
Happy Tiger LP 1002 - Priscilla Loves Billy
- Just friends/He's funny that way/Do nothing 'til you hear from me/There is no greater love/I love you Porgy/Stars fell on Alabama/Tenderly/My man/Moonglow/Crazy he calls me/In my solitude/Girls were made to take care of boys

Love Is...Priscilla Paris
Out Of Town LP 8002(1978) - Love Is . . .
- Down By the River, Blanket Made of Soft Love, When He's Loved Too Much, More and More and More, I'm So Glad, Long After Love, Love Is, What's to Become of Us, Melody of Time, Doesn't Realize (all songs written by Priscilla Paris)

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