The Story of Charlotte O'Hara and Bonnie & The Treasures

Compiled by Phil Milstein & Mick Patrick

Charlotte O'Hara  
What About You / Daydreams Ava 126 (1963)
Bonnie & the Treasures  
Home Of The Brave / Our Song (instr) Phi-Dan 5005 (1965)
Home Of The Brave / Our Song (instr) Phi-Dan 5005, Canada (1965)
Home Of The Brave / Our Song (instr) London 9998, UK (1965)
Home Of The Brave / Bramwell, Robitaille & Carr (instr) PSI 2010 021, UK (1976)
Davey, I'm So Glad It Rained / Lonely Surfer (instr) Pablo 7014 (c.1966)
Close Your Eyes / My Love Keeps Growin' Warner Bros 5817 (1966)
Cherry Blossom  
Jungle Rock / My Happiness Is You Gold Crown 40 (c.1970)
You Are What You Do / My Happiness Is You Gold Crown 41 / 40
Caney Creek Reunion featuring Sherlie Matthews
(Sherlie Matthews, Charlotte O'Hara and Nita Garfield)
Back To Georgia / Sister George Apt 26003 (1970)
Under Your Spell Again / Ride Ride Ride Apt 26006 (1970)
Break My Mind / Come With Me Apt 26007 (1970)

On Preview Records (c.1967/8)
1394: Bonnie Graham Silver Wedding Song / I Confess
1396: Bonnie Graham Happy Rain / Go On Crying
1398: Bonnie Graham The Future Of My Heart / I Need You
1400: Bonnie Graham Been So Long Ago / [Dan Monday - Keep A Song In Your Heart]
1401: Bonnie & Nita I Just Can't Go / I'm Never Late
1403: Bonnie Graham Come On Strong / [Rood Keith - Do The Turkey]
1407: Bonnie Graham I Just Knew In My Heart / [Dan Monday - Now We Have Thought It Over]
1408: Bonnie Graham Time Out For Tears / I've Got The Blues
1411: Bonnie Graham The Love Trip / The Lies That You Told Me
1412: Bonnie Graham Love / [Dan Monday - Could I Ever Forget]
1413: Bonnie Graham He's My Chocolate Baby / Bonnie & Nita - Dance With Me
1414: Bonnie Graham I Dream Of You / A Fool Am I
1416: Bonnie Graham One Night / He
1418: Bonnie Graham Tiny, Tiny Heart / Nita & Bonnie - The Graveyard Rock
1419: Bonnie Graham My Part Of The Game / Forever
1427: Bonnie Graham Moonlight In Paradise / Gardenia
1433: Bonnie Graham Ode To Love / Be Honest
1434: Bonnie Graham Don't Come Back / Sweetheart Steve
1438: Bonnie Graham Listen-Listen / Train Of Destiny
1446: Bonnie Graham I'll Always Remember / [Alan Poe - A Beautiful Serenade]
1454: Bonnie Graham T.V. Love / [Rodd Keith - Life Of A Trucker]
1462: Bonnie Graham Little Doggie / Comes The Lonliness [sic]
1474: Bonnie Graham Let's Fall In Love Again / Just A Bit Old Fashioned
1513: Bonnie Britton Kissin' Kinfolk [poss. same Bonnie] / My Land [diff. Bonnie]
1517: Bonnie Graham Keep Your Love Locked / [Dan Monday - Just One More Time With You]
1523: Bonnie & Paul My Love [diff. Bonnie?] / [Alan Poe - Ride]
On MSR Records
809:   Shari Lee Cow Punching Sam / [Bobbi Blake - As I Ride Along]

LP on MSR as Bonnie Braye (on cover)/
Bonnie Clive (on label):
"Anna My Love" MSR 201

I' m Trying To Make Him Call Me Honey
Eternal Love
I Don't Understand Why
You And Me
The Postman
I Hurt So Bad Baby
Mister Moon
Anna, My Love
A Broken Heart To Mend
Dig Me Baby
As Long As I Live
Breaking Up Never
Hand And Heart
Hidden Love


Love Bells:
(with Keith Colley - The Galens, Challenge 9212, 1963)
Sitting On The Edge Of My Mind:
(with Nita Garfield & Don Fletcher - Jermaine Jackson,
"Come Into My Life" LP, Motown 775, 1973)
Lovin' On Borrowed Time:
(with Nita Garfield - Bobby Bland, "Dreamer" LP, ABC-
Dunhill 50169, 1974)
Jesse James Is An Outlaw:
(with Nita Garfield - Jean Knight, Chelsea 3035, 1975)
We're Here To Entertain You:
(with Nita Garfield - The Jackson 5, "Joyful Jukebox
Music" LP, Motown 865, 1976)
Colorless Sunset:
(with Al Hazan)
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go:
(with Viktor Hedgren & A. L. Peace)
The Mirrors Of My Mind:
(with Nita Garfield & Don Fletcher)
(with Nita Garfield & Don Fletcher)
Voodoo Woman:
(with Nita Garfield & Hal Davis)

Unissued Recordings
Tell Me In The Sunlight
I Just Want To Be Your Girl (aka: I'm Your Girl)
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
The Story Of My Life
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
First Came Love
I Love You So
If I Were You (duet with Al Hazan)
Over The Rainbow
Lucky Star
Two Face (duet with Al Hazan)

Above: March 1974, probably at a birthday party -- Nita and Charlotte were big on birthdays. Top left: Song-poem king Rodd Keith. Far right (on stool): country singer-songwriter Becky Hobbs. Front row, left: Al Hazan. Next, (in hat): R&B artist-writer-producer Leon Haywood. With hand on Haywood's shoulder: Nita Garfield. With flower in hair: Charlotte. Photo courtesy Ellery Eskelin (Rodd Keith's son), see: http://home.earthlink.net/~eskelin/

Recommended further reading:

Bonnie Was A Treasure, by Phil Milstein; available on the website of the American Song-Poem Music Archives at: http://www.songpoemmusic.com/news.htm#bonnie The article relates the story of the "Home Of The Brave" singer's alternate career, under the name Bonnie Graham, doing sessions for the song-poem labels Preview and MSR, which situated her as likely the only singer recorded by both Phil Spector and his song-poem counterpart, Rodd Keith. Those unsure of what a song-poem is need the ASPMA primer at: http://www.songpoemmusic.com/what_is.htm


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