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Nitz and Bitz Archive... August 2006 - December 2006
updated 25th December 2006

On The Radio is playing the second of Jack's KHJ jingles. Reviews from The Times & L.A. Times have been added to the 'Paper Reviews' on the 'JNS Hard Workin' Man'' pages and on the online page a goodie from the Metro Times. Checkout the 'New Year Specials' below the ROTW.

updated 30th November 2006

Live at the Filmore East - March 6 & 7, 1970 - CD Jack Nitzsche tickles the electric ivories on Neil Young & Crazy Horse's, "Live at the Filmore East - March 6 & 7, 1970", an all expense spared release that has just escaped from Young's archives. These sort of sets are always welcome to the fans but a full price CD, skimpy (although nice-looking) packaging and mere 43 minute play time is a test of their loyalty. (If you're quick though you can get a worthwhile bonus DVD but spare a thought for those who miss out.) might be under renovation but her site is looking good and includes press pieces from her Dingwalls' gig. You can read a recent interview with Jackie from the freebie paper Los Angeles City Beat. Jackie's bubbling with life, (just as she was at Dingwalls'!) and Jack gets a very warm mention.

The first fruits of Stephen McParland's book "Surf Music U.S.A." have been added to the site. The PROTW review of Christhopher Monte "Giant's Of Bombora" has been updated. On The Radio is now playing the first of Jack's KHJ jingles. The reviews for JN's "Hard Workin' Man' are good but slow coming in, two more have been added to the JNS pages. Checkout the 'Christmas Specials' below the ROTW.

updated 6th November 2006

The reviews of Hard Working Man have been slow to come in but Harry Young has passed on one from Music Week. This has been added to the JNS pages. More are very welcome! The Discography has been updated with the addition of the unreleased tracks from the same Ace CD.
The final part of Karel Beer's interview with Jack Nitzsche and the reason why the interview took place, the recording and release of St. Giles Cripplegate is playing On The Radio page. Next time I'll be replaying the fab KRLA radio jingles

Dumb Angel Gazette #4Stephen McParland's "Surf Music U.S.A.", mentioned last time has already arrived and it looks fantastic. A big book which will take awhile to properly digest but a quick scan of the index has revealed two pieces of Nitzsche info for the site. A detailed report to follow.
Not sure if "Dumb Angel Gazette - All Summer Long" should be classed as a book, magazine or way of life. I'll plumb for the latter. I did praise the work in a message to S'Pop but a reminder is due, not least for the three fab Jack Nitzsche photos. It looks absolutely wonderful, full colour pages throughout, super articles, too numerous to mention them all but including, "Reflections on the L.A. Scene Surrounding Phil Spector", by the sites good friend Harvey Kubernik. The sort of work that will be spoken of in awed whispers in the years to come, buy a copy now while you still can.

updated 21st October 2006

The sites review of "The Jack Nitzsche Story - Hard Workin' Man - Volume 2" is on the JNS page. Do I like it? What do you think?! ACE Records have the CD as its featured release on their monthly update newsletter. Check out the cover and their Record Collector advert on the Photo + Picture page.
Joel Scott Hill contacted the site with information on the recording of his and Jack's 1963 Monogram 45. I've updated the PROTW review for Joel's "I Ran".
Part Nine of Karel Beer's interview with Jack Nitzsche is playing On The Radio page. The conversation is mainly focused on the movie score for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Summer U.S.A.! - The Best Of The Rip Chords - Sundazed

Music historian, particularly of the surf and hot-rod scene, and workaholic Stephen McParland has written the notes for the latest batch of Sundazed’s West Coast CDs. One of the releases I've bought, "Summer U.S.A.! - The Best Of The Rip Chords", includes 3 previously unreleased sides and the Jack Nitzsche arranged "Here I Stand". Stephen has a(nother!) new book out, "Surf Music U.S.A. - All the Surf, Hot-Rod, Motorcycle and Skateboard Hits 1960-65". My copy is on order. I'll pass on my findings.

Eddie Hodges has recently joined and posted some cool letters to the Spectropop message board. Eddie cut some great tracks with Jack and wrote a cool The Jack I Knew piece for the site. As a welcome to Eddie give a listen to the flip of the Nitzsche arranged "Too Soon To Know". Terry Melcher arranged and produced this DeShannon and Shelley composition which features a fab 'Dionesque' type vocal from Eddie and possible Bruce & Terry backing vocals. "Would You Come Back.mp3"

updated 9th October 2006

Only one news story, "Hard Workin' Man - The Jack Nitzsche Story Vol. 2" is in the shops. Hurrah! It looks great and sounds even better. Fab photos, picture sleeves, stories and interviews with the artists on related recordings AND a fascinating C.C. Adcock interview by Mick Patrick. C.C.'s lengthy interview is worth the price of admission alone. As for the music, it's hard not to pick 26 great Nitzsche tracks. Add to this five previously unreleased tracks, many others gaining their CD debut and you have an aural delight. An essential purchase to put alongside your last essential purchase, yep, "Hearing Is Believing - The Jack Nitzsche Story Vol. 1"! The JNS page has been updated with the first review I've seen in UNCUT, David A. Young's review for the ACE Record site and buying info.

Part Eight of Karel Beer's interview with Jack Nitzsche is playing On The Radio page. A new page has been added to the Prod. By Ron Barrett, arr & Cond. Jack Nitzsche pages. Angelo Alexander has uncovered a 78rpm, Philippines release of Sammi Lynn's "Blue Butterfly"/"You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby" on Sue Records. He's accompanied the scans with a piece on 78s in the 60s.

updated 30th September 2006

The Mariachi Brass! Featuring Chet Baker CDDespite "The Jack Nitzsche Story - Vol. 2" release now planned for October 2nd, a trip to HMV in Oxford Street still brought forth a rich haul of new CDs. Of most interest to Nitzsche collectors is "The Mariachi Brass featuring Chet Baker" on Ace Records subsidiary BGP. it features the first two LPs, "A Taste Of Tequila" and "Hats Off" and a bonus 45 cut. Good value, nice package, talented musicians and over half the tunes arranged by Nitzsche. For me though the lack of originality, that missing spark will leave the CD, as with the original vinyl releases, hardly played. The Nitzsche-less sides are arranged by George Tipton. I admire much of his work but sleeve note scribe and coordinator Tony Rounce’s comment that Tipton's career, "matches, and in many ways even eclipses, that of Nitzsche" did surprise me. Tony dropped me a line. What he actually wrote was "…eclipses Jack’s as far as film and TV work goes". So we'll let him off then! Bobby Vee - The Singles Collection CD An example of the competition for your pocket money that The Mariachi Brass is up against is "Bobby Vee - The Singles Collection". A triple CD compiling "A complete collection, 1959-1977, featuring all the hits, the US a-sides & b-sides, UK only singles, rare material, tracks never released on CD and rare Italian language version of singles". Add to this a £10 price tag, great booklet, packed with photos, intro by Bobby Vee and sleeve notes (& much work in getting the project released) by Bob Celli. Oh yes and the first stereo release of one of Bobby Vee's favourites, the Nitzsche arranged "Run Like The Devil". With a total of 95 sides to play there are bound to be some new delights to hear.

Artie Wayne's site and his interviews with his music buddies on Spectropop continue to offer illuminating entertainment as does his regular blog. One of his latest posts contained a scurrilious assertion that Brian Jones played the guitar solo on "Satisfaction". Al Kooper fired of a good hearted reply setting the record straight. "The guy who produced the record and was in the studio, who was in the store when Keith bought the fuzz-tone at the suggestion of Jack Nitzsche, says it was totally Keith [Richards], and he’s a huge Brian fan !!!!"

Part seven of Karel Beer's interview with Jack Nitzsche is playing On The Radio page. Most of the layout improvements to the site are now complete. Do drop me an email if you encounter any problems with the way the pages display.

updated 16th August 2006

HARD WORKING MAN: THE JACK NITZSCHE STORY, Volume 2, CD coverMick Patrick has revealed not only the track list but also the cover artwork and some advance pictures from the eagerly awaited Volume Two of "The Jack Nitzsche Story". Due at the end of September, "Hard Workin' Man" is the aptly named title and lead track. The CD loosely follows the successful model of "Hearing Is Believing"; an overview of Jack's work from the early '60s, including PROTW favourites such as The Robins "Just Like That" from 1960 to his later soundtrack recordings and C.C. Adcock's brilliant "Stealin' All Day" from 2004. This time however, more sides gain their CD debut AND five recordings are released for the very first time. The fa