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Discography 1960-2009... The arrangements, productions and compositions of Jack Nitzsche.

Jack Nitzsche Discography Notes
The earlier releases, 60s to mid-70s, were the time of the great USA 45rpm. These are still my main passion and the discography reflects this.
It's great to note that some of Jack Nitzsche's work is being made available on CD. I've included previously unreleased tracks, by year of recording (where known), rather than date of release.
Soundtrack recordings & videos are included in the Movies page.
This page is 'work in progress'. All additions/corrections will be acknowledged.
If you would like to use a label scan or copy the discography, help yourself! If the information is being used on the web or for publication, a credit and link to this site is required.
This discography first appeared here on 24th May 2002, and was initially derived from Ken Barnes' interview "The Arranger As Superman" in Bomp magazine, my own collection of 45s and record lists. Early additions were contributed by Ken Barnes, Chuck Girard, Al Hazan, Donna Loren and Mick Patrick. Thanks also for information from Stephen J McParland's sleeve notes to The Honeys' CD (Capitol Collector Series), "The Rolling Stones - An Illustrated Discography" by Miles (Omnibus Press) and too many record dealers to mention, but I THANK YOU ALL!
Subsequent additions have been supplied by Stephen J McParland, Peter Richmond, Ian Chapman, Yoshinori Otake, Mick Patrick, Phil Chapman, Martin Jenson, Chris Martin-Smith, Ichiro Ohno, Rob Santos, David A Young, Mike Edwards, Guy Lawrence, Clay Stabler, Mark Frumento, Ron Barrett Jr, John P. Dixon, Alan Gordon, Andrew Sandoval, Tom Ardolino, Phil Milstein, Steven Evanich, Owen Coppin and Anthony Reichardt.

Back to top of page   Discography A - C (Adcock, C.C. - Crystals, The)
Gary Bonner pic sleeve Bobby Crawford Del-Fi label Dorsey Burnette Reprise label Lou Christie MGMlabel Merry Clayton Capitol label Caesar and Cleo pic sleeve Concords Epic label
Adcock, C.C. Castin' My Spell Young Guitar Slingers - CD Antone's TMG-Ant 0049 pr 01
Adcock, C.C. Stealin' All Day Lafayette Marquis - CD Yep Roc 2040 pr 04
Alan, Edgar & Po' Boys Panic Button Lenore Rust 5053 arr,co-wr 63
Alley & Soul Sneakers Love Breakdown Running Away Like A Child Capitol 4678 pr,arr 78
Alley & Soul Sneakers   Love Breakdown - LP Capitol 11913 pr,arr 78
Alley Cats Puddin N' Tain   Philles 108 arr 62
Andrea, John Look Into My Eyes, Maria   MGM 13423 arr,cond 65
Anthony, Al Force Of Love Is It A Sin? Downbeat 752 arr-unc 61
Balin, Marty Nobody But You You Made Me Fall Challenge 9146 keyboards 62
Balin, Marty I Specialize in Love You're Alive With Love Challenge 9156 keyboards 62
Barrett, Ron & Buckskins Lilli   Magnum 715 co-wr 63
Berry, Dorothy The Girl Who Stopped The Duke Of Earl I'm Determined Little Star 111 arr 62
Blue, David   Stories LP Aslyum 9001 arr strings 71
Blue, David Another One Like Me Come On John Asylum 11001 arr strings 72
Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah   Philles 107 arr 62
Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart   Philles 110 arr 63
Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans Not TooYoung To Get Married   Philles 113 arr 63
Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans   Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah - LP Philles 4002 arr some 63
Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans   A Christmas Gift For You - LP Philles 4005 arr 63
Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans But You Don't Love Me Rare Masters 2 UK - LP PSI 2307 009 arr? 63
Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans The Walk '' " arr? 63
Bonner, Garry The Heart Of Juliet Jones   Columbia 44306 pr,arr 67
Bramlet, Delaney Tomorrow Never Comes Heartbreak Hotel GNP Crescendo 328 arr 64
Bramlet, Delaney You Never Looked Sweeter Genesis - LP GNP Crescendo 2054 arr 71
Brooks, Donnie Gone   Reprise 0261 arr,cond 64
Brooks, Donnie If I Never Get To Love You   Reprise 0363 arr,cond 65
Bruce & Terry Halfway   Sundazed CD 11052 arr,cond 6?
Buckley, Tim Grief In My Soul Wings Elektra 45606 arr strings 66
Buckley, Tim   Tim Buckley - LP Elektra 4004 arr strings 66
Buckley, Tim Aren't You The Girl Strange Street Affair Elektra 45612 arr strings 67
Buckshots Animal Duds The Letter Monogram 512 arr 62
Buffalo Springfield Expecting to Fly   Atco 6545 co-pr,arr 67
Burnette, Dorsey Invisible Chains Pebbles Reprise 20177 arr,cond 63
Burnette, Dorsey One Of The Lonely Where's The Girl? Reprise 20208 arr,cond 63
Burnette, Dorsey Four For Texas   Reprise 0246 arr, cond 63
Caesar & Cleo Love Is Strange Do You Wanna Dance Reprise 0308 arr 64
Caesar & Cleo Love Is Strange Let The Good Times Roll Reprise 0419 arr 65
Cake Baby That's Me   Decca 32179 co-wr 67
Campbell, Glen   Southern Nights - LP Capitol 11601 arr some 77
Captain Beefheart Hard Workin' Man Coke Machine MCA 366 arr,co-wrA,wrB 78
Cascades Flying On The Ground Main Street Smash 2101 arr 67
Castells Only One Echoes In The Night Era 3089 arr 62
Castells Initials   Era 3102 arr 62
Christie, Lou If My Car Could Only Talk Song Of Lita MGM 13576 pr,arr 66
Christie, Lou Wild Life's In Season   MGM 13623 pr,arr 66
Christie, Lou Watch Your Heart After Dark Enlightnin'ment CD Rhino 70246 pr,arr 66
Cinders The Cinnamon Cinder C'mon Wobble W. Bros 5326 arr, co-wrB 62
Clark, Petula The Cat In The Window Fancy Dancin' Man W. Bros 7073 arr 67
Clayton, Marry The Doorbell Rings   Teldisc 501 co-pr,arr 63
Clayton, Merry It's In His Kiss Magic Of Romance Capitol 4984 arr,cond 63
Clifford, Mike Before I Loved Her Shirl Girl Cameo 381 arr, cond, unc 65
Cloud, Bruce I Waited Little Spark Of Fire Era 3101 arr, unc 63
Cocker, Joe & Jennifer Warnes Up Where We Belong   Island 99996 pr,arr,co-wr 82
Cole, Jerry Every Window In The City Come On Over To My Place Capitol 5394 arr,cond 65
Collins, Linda I'm Crying The Way You Like Time 1039 arr?,co-wrB 61
Concords Should I Cry   Epic 9697 co-wr 64
Connors, Carol Big Big Love Two Rivers Era 3084 arr, unc 62
Connors, Carol Tommy Go Away I Wanna Know Era 3096 arr, unc 62
Cooperstown Volunteers Band Salvation City   Interlude 202 arr,co-wr 62
Crab Creek County High School Band Chivaree Tell Your Story Walkin' Old Town 1118 arr 62
Crawford, Bobby Mrs Smith Please Wake Up Joan That Little OI' Lovemaker Me Del Fi 4211 arr-unc 62
Crazy Horse Downtown Crow Jane Lady Reprise 1007 wrB,co-pr 71
Crazy Horse Dance Dance Dance Carolay Reprise 1025 wrB,co-orc 71
Crazy Horse Dirty Dirty Beggar's Day Reprise 1046 co-pr 71
Crazy Horse   Crazy Horse - LP Reprise 6438 co-pr 71
Crazy Horse Gone Dead Train '' " co-pr,co-wr 71
Crazy Horse Outside Lookin' In Rock And Roll Band Epic 10925 co-prod 72
Crazy Horse   At Crooked Lake LP Epic 31710 co-prod 72
Crazy Horse (1st LP alternate versions) Scratchy Rhino HM 7884 co-prod 05
Crosby, Gary That's Alright Baby Who Gregmark 11 arr 61
Crosby, Phil Where The Blue Of The Night Little By Little Reprise 20220 arr,cond 63
Crystals He's A Rebel   Philles 106 arr 62
Crystals He's Sure The Boy I Love   Philles 109 arr 62
Crystals He's Sure The Boy I Love (alternate version) Phil Spector's Greatest Hits - LP Warner Spector 9104 arr 62
Crystals Da Doo Ron Ron   Philles 112 arr 63
Crystals Then He Kissed Me   Philles 115 arr 63
Crystals   He's A Rebel - LP Philles 4001 arr some 63
Crystals   Sing The Greatest Hits - LP Philles 4003 arr some 63
Crystals   A Christmas Gift For You - LP Philles 4005 arr 63
Crystals All Grown Up (alternate version) Rare Masters UK - LP PSI 2307 008 arr 63
Crystals Heartbreaker '' " arr 63
Crystals Girls Can Tell Back To Mono box set Abkco 71182 arr 63
Crystals Little Boy   Philles 119x arr 64
Crystals All Grown Up   Philles 122 arr 64
Back to top of page   Discography D - F (Daniels, Billy - Furys, The)
Bobby Darin Capitol label Jackie deShannon Liberty label Terry Day Columbia label Bobby Day RCA label Doris Day UK CBS label Don Drysdale Reprise label Mink DeVille picture sleeve
Daniels, Billy That Old Black Magic Woe, Woe, Woe Liberty 55711 co-pr,arr 64
Darin, Bobby 18 Yellow Roses Not For Me Capitol 4970 arr,cond 63
Darin, Bobby She Knows   Atlantic 2433 arr 66
Date With Soul Yes Sir That's My Baby Bee Side Soul York 408 arr,co-pr 67
Davis, Mac Stop And Smell The Roses Poor Boy Boogie Columbia 10018 arr 74
Davis, Mac Rock & Roll   Columbia 10070 arr 74
Davis, Mac If You Add All The Love In The World   Columbia 10111 arr 75
Day, Bobby Another Country, Another World l Know It All RCA 8133 arr,cond 63
Day, Bobby Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Pretty Little Girl Next Door RCA 8196 arr 63
Day, Bobby Down On My Knees Jole Blon (Little Darlin') RCA 8230 wrA,arr 63
Day, Doris Move Over Darling Twinkle Lullaby Columbia 42912 arr,cond 63
Day, Doris Let The Little Girl Limbo Move Over Darling box set Bear Family 1580 arr,cond 63
Day, Doris Rainbow's End   Columbia 43099 arr,cond 64
Day, Terry That's All I Want I Waited Too Long Columbia 42427 arr,cond 62
Day, Terry Be A Soldier I Love You Betty Columbia 42678 arr,cond 63
DeShannon, Jackie The Prince   Liberty 55425 arr 62
DeShannon, Jackie Just Like In The Movies   Liberty 55484 arr 62
DeShannon, Jackie You Won't Forget Me   Liberty 55497 arr 62
DeShannon, Jackie Needles And Pins Did He Call Today Mama Liberty 55563 co-wrA,arr 63
DeShannon, Jackie Little Yellow Roses Oh Sweet Chariot Liberty 55602 arr 63
DeShannon, Jackie   Jackie DeShannon - LP Liberty 3320 arr 63
DeShannon, Jackie When You Walk In The Room Till You Say You'll Be Mine Liberty 55645 arr,cond 63
DeShannon, Jackie Should I Cry I'm Gonna Be Strong Liberty 55673 co-wrA,arr 64
DeShannon, Jackie Oh Boy I'm Looking For Someone To Love Liberty 55678 arr 64
DeShannon, Jackie Hold Your Head High She Don't Understand Him Liberty 55705 arr 64
DeShannon, Jackie He's Got The Whole World It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) Liberty 55730 arr 64
DeShannon, Jackie   Breakin' It Up On The Beatles Tour Liberty 3390 arr 64
DeShannon, Jackie Give Me A Break Breakin' It Up On The Beatles Tour CD plus bonus tracks UK RPM 302 arr 62
DeShannon, Jackie Mean Old Frisco " " arr 63
DeShannon, Jackie Try To Forget Him " " arr 6s
DeShannon, Jackie Breakaway What The World Needs Now... CD EMI 7243 8 82978626 arr 64
DeShannon, Jackie Should I Cry (alternate version) " " arr,co-wr 64
DeShannon, Jackie Be Good Baby   UK Liberty 10175 arr,co-wr 64
DeShannon, Jackie Hellos And Goodbyes & Take Me Away This Is Jackie DeShannon - LP Imperial 9286 arr, unc 65
DeShannon, Jackie some uncredited You Won't Forget Me - LP Imperial 9294 arr 65
DeShannon, Jackie I Keep Wanting You Me About You Imperial 66281 co-wrA,pr,arr 68
DeVille, Mink Spanish Stroll Mixed Up Shook Up Girl Capitol 4461 pr 77
DeVille, Mink Little Girl Cadillac Walk Capitol 4510 pr 77
DeVille, Mink   Mink DeVille - LP Capitol 11631 pr 77
DeVille, Mink Just Your Friends One Way Street UK Capitol 5989 co-wrA,pr 78
DeVille, Mink Guardian Angel Easy Slider Capitol 4607 pr 78
DeVille, Mink   Return To Magenta - LP Capitol 11780 pr,arr 78
DeVille, Mink You Better Move On She Was Made In Heaven Atlantic 3864 pr 81
DeVille, Mink Maybe Tomorrow   Atlantic 3880 pr 81
DeVille, Mink   Coup De Grace - LP Atlantic 50833 pr 81
DeVille, Willy   Miracle - LP Raven 41 pr some 97
Dick & Dee Dee Do I Love You You Come Back To Haunt Me Dot 17305 arr 69
Dino, Desi & Billy I'm A Fool   Reprise 0367 co-arr 65
Dino, Desi & Billy Not The Lovin Kind Chimes Of Freedom Reprise 0401 co-arr 65
Don & Goodtimes I Could Be So Good To You And It's So Good Epic 10145 pr,arr,co-wr 67
Don & Goodtimes   So Good - LP Epic 24311 pr/co-pr,arr/co-arr 67
Don & Goodtimes Sweet Sweet Mama " " and co-wr 67
Donner, Ral Don't Put Your Heart In His Hand I Wish This Night Would Never End Reprise 20176 arr,cond 63
Drysdale, Don One Love Give Her Love Reprise 20162 arr,cond 63
Entertainers Marianne Fuddy Duddy Walk Catch 101 arr 63
Epps, Preston Bongo Bongo Bongo Hully Gully Bongo Original Sound 9 arr,co-wr 60
Epps, Preston Call Of The Jungle Bongo Bongo Bongo - LP Original Sound 5002 arr?co-wr 61
Escorts You Can't Even Be My Friend Itchy Coo RCA 8228 arr,cond 63
Escorts No City Folks Allowed   RCA 8327 arr,cond 64
Everly Brothers June Is As Cold As December, Glitter And Gold In Our Image LP Reprise 1620 arr 66
Everly Brothers Mr. Soul, In The Good Old Days
Down In The Bottom listed as Meet Me In The Bottom
Nice Guys LP UK Magnum Force 1028 arr 84
Everly Brothers Love With Your Heart Chained To A Memory 1966 - 1972 Bear Family 16791 arr 06
Explosions Like Your Love Work With Me Annie Imperial 66111 arr-unc 65
Fabulous Little Joe Good Old Summertime Lies Trouble And Love Eden 2 arr 62
Faithfull, Marianne Sister Morphine Something Better London 1022 dir pl. piano, organ 69
Fashions Baby That's Me   Cameo 331 co-wr 64
Flamin' Groovies   Supersnazz - LP Epic 26487 part-arr, some 69
Fleetwoods Come Softly To Me I'm Not Jimmy Dolton 307 arr 65
Ford, Billy My Girl This Is Worth Fighting For Reprise 0265 co-wrA,arr 64
Furys If I Didn't Have A Dime Dream Liberty 55719 arr 64
Back to top of page   Discography G - K (Gamboa, Johnny - Kottke, Leo)
Lesley Gore Mercury label Bobby Jason Chancelor label Romana King Eden label Gas Co. Mirwood label Gentle Soul Columbia Picture sleeve Suzi Jane Hokom and Lee Hazlewood Australia LHI label Eddie Hodges Aurora label
Gamboa, Johnny Why Lover She's Never There Star Revue 1003 co-wrA, arr 62
Gas Co Blow Your Mind Your Time's Up Mirwood 5501 pr 65
Gas Company You're All Alone You'll Need Love Reprise 0464 pr,arr 66
Gas Company Get Out Of My Life We Need A Lot More Of Jesus Reprise 0512 pr 66
Gentle Soul Tell Me Love   Columbia 43952 arr 67
Gentle Soul Tell Me Love (alternate version)   Sundazed CD 11123 arr 67
Germs   Lions Share - LP Ghost O'Darb pr some 85
Gore, Lesley Baby That's Me MyTown, My Guy And Me - LP Mercury 61042 co-wrA,pr 65
Gore, Lesley What Am I Gonna Do With You   Mercury 61042 arr? 65
Gore, Lesley Sunshine And Lollipops It's My Party box set Bear Family BCD 15742E1 pr,arr 65
Gore, Lesley What Am I Gonna Do With You (alternate version) '' " pr,arr 65
Gore, Lesley It's All In The Game '' '' pr,arr 65
Gore, Lesley Love Look Away '' '' pr,arr 65
Gore, Lesley Let It Be Me '' '' pr,arr 65
Gore, Lesley When Sunny Gets Blue '' '' pr,arr 65
Gore, Lesley No Matter What You Do   Mercury 72513 pr,arr 66
Gore, Lesley Off And Running   Mercury 72580 cond 66
Gore, Lesley You Sent Me Silver Bells   Mercury 72892 arr,cond 69
Greensleeves Like Greensleeves Horse Opera Capella 502 arr 62
Grier, Roosevelt Fool, Fool, Fool Since You've Been Gone R.I.C. 102 arr 64
Grier, Roosevelt In My Tenement Down So Long R.I.C. 112 arr 64
Grier, Roosevelt   Soul City - LP R.I.C. 1008 arr 64
Griffin, Jimmy What Kind Of Girl Are You A Little Like Lovin' You Reprise 20161 arr,cond 63
Griffin, Jimmy Summer Holiday Love Letters In The Sand Reprise 20178 arr, cond 63
Griffin, Jimmy Marie Is Moving Little Miss Cool Reprise 20221 arr 63
Griffin, Jimmy   Summer Holiday - LP Reprise 6091 arr 63
Griffin, Jimmy   My Baby Made Me Cry Reprise 0268 arr 64
Grimes, Tammy I Can't Remember Ever Loving You On Vine Street - The Early Songs Of Randy Newman Ace Records CD 1185 pr,arr 66
Grimes, Tammy Nobody Needs Your Love More Than I Do The Big Hurt Reprise 0487 pr,arr 66
Hale & Hushabyes Yes Sir That's My Baby 900 Quetzals Apogee 104 arr,co-pr 64
Hale & Hushabyes Yes Sir That's My Baby Jack's Theme Reprise 0299 wrB,arr,co-pr 64
Hall, Dora I Don't Want Your Kisses Hoochi-Koochi Premere 161 arr 63
Hank & Dean Old Devil Moon And They Did RCA 8109 arr,cond 62
Hannibal The Biggest Cry I Need A Woman ('Cause I'm AMan) Sue 751 arr,wr 61
Harpers Bizarre   4 - LP set W.Bros 4704 arr some 69
Harris, Thurston Dance On Little Girl Dancing Silhouettes Reprise 0255 arr,cond 64
Hart, Judy That's Enough Didn't He Ramble Staccatto 101 pr,co-wrA 61
Hazlewood & Hokom I'll Never Fall In Love Again Reason To Believe LHI 14 arr 69
Hazlewood & Hokom Califia (Stone Rider) " LHI 21 pr,arr 69
Henske, Judy   The Death Defying - LP Reprise 6203 pr,arr 66
Henske, Judy Bye-Bye Blackbird Let The Good Times Roll Reprise 0458 pr,arr 66
Henske, Judy Let the Good Times Roll Phil's Spectre Vol.3 Ace Records CD 1149 pr,arr 66
Henske, Judy Road To Nowhere Sing A Rainbow Reprise 0485 pr,arr 66
Henske, Judy Dolphins In The Sea   Reprise 0567 pr,arr 67
Hiatt, John   Living A Little Laughing CD Raven 50 pr some 96
Hill, Joel I Ran Secret Love Monogram 510 arr 63
Hodges, Eddie Secret Seein' Is Believin' Columbia 42649 arr,cond 62
Hodges, Eddie Too Soon To Know   Columbia 42697 arr,cond 63
Hodges, Eddie Halfway   Columbia 62811 arr,cond 63
Hodges, Eddie Love Minus Zero/No Limit The Water Is Over My Head Aurora 156 arr,cond 65
Hodges, Eddie The Old Rag Man   Aurora 161 arr,cond 65
Hokom, Suzi Jane Same Old Songs Alone LHI 19 arr 69
Hondas Twelve Feet High Send It Eden 4 arr 62
Honey Ltd Louie Louie Louie Louie alt LHI 1216 arr, cond 68
Honeys From Jimmy With Tears   Capitol 5093 arr 63
Honeys Raindrops Capitol Collectors Series CD Capitol 7931932 arr 63
Horton, Jamie Only Forever   Joy 266 arr,cond 62
Horton, Jamie Oh Love (Stop Knockin' On My... Go Shout It From A Mountain Joy 269 co-wrB,arr,cond 62
Howard, Vince & Vinetes The Wayward Wind Return To Me Big R 2000 arr 63
Inoue, Yousui Nishoku NoKoma Nishoku No Koma - LP JP Poly 5050 arr,piano 74
Jagger, Mick Memo From Turner Natural Magic UK Decca 13067 wrB,pr,arr 70
James Gang Ashes The Rain And I Rides Again - LP ABC 711 arr strings 70
James, Peter You Won't Forget Me   Reprise 0357 arr,cond 65
Jason, Bobby Venus   Chancellor 1201 arr 67
Jones, Toni Dear (Here Comes My Baby) Love Is Strange Smash 1814 arr 63
King, Carole Rulers Of The World   Capitol 4864 arr 80
King, Ramona Oriental Garden Soul-Mate Eden 3 arr 62
King, Ramona What About You Mind Reader Eden 5 arr 63
King, Ramona Ballyhoo I Wanna Dance Eden 6 arr 63
Kottke, Leo   Leo Kottke - LP Chrysalis 1106 arr 77
Back to top of page   Discography L - N (Laine, Frankie - Northcott, Tom)
Kari Lynn Aubern label Lifeguards Reprise label Modern Folk Quintet Dunhill label Donna Loren Capitol label Gary Lewis Liberty label Frankie Laine Columbia label Jack Nitzsche Reprise label
Laine, Frankie Don't Make My Baby Blue   Columbia 42767 arr,cond 63
Laine, Frankie I'm Gonna Be Strong Take Her Columbia 42884 arr,cond 63
Lee-Anne Never   Ann 1001 arr-unc 63
Lewis, Gary & Playboys Jill   Liberty 55985 arr,cond 67
Lewis, Gary & Playboys   New Directions - LP Liberty LST 7519 ar some 67
Lewis, Gary & Playboys Has She Got The Nice Eyes Happiness Liberty 56011 arr,cond 67
Lewis, Gary & Playboys   Listen - LP Liberty LST 7524 arr,cond 67
Life Guards Swimtime U.S.A. Swim Party Reprise 0277 arr 64
Lind, Bob Elusive Butterfly Cheryl's Goin' Home World Pacific 77808 pr,arr 66
Lind, Bob Remember The Rain Truly Julie's Blues World Pacific 77822 pr,arr 66
Lind, Bob I Just Let It Take Me We've Never Spoken World Pacific 77830 pr,arr 66
Lind, Bob San Franciscan Woman Oh Babe Take Me Home World Pacific 77834 pr,arr 66
Lind, Bob   Don't Be Concerned - LP World Pacific 841 pr,arr 66
Lind, Bob I Can't Walk Roads Of Anger (alternate version) The Best Of Bob Lind CD EMI 0777895 pr,arr 66
Lind, Bob   Photographs Of Feelings - LP World Pacific 1851 pr,arr 66
Loren, Donna     Challenge arr 60s
Loren, Donna Call Me   Capitol 5548 arr,cond 65
Loren, Donna Woman In Love (With You) Hard Workin' Man CD Ace Records CD 1130 arr & cond 65
Loren, Donna That's The Boy Glitter And Gold - Words And Music by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil Ace Records CD 1130 arr & cond 65
Lory, Dick Crazy Arms There's Gonna Be A Fight Liberty 55600 arr,cond 63
Love, Darlene (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry My Heart Beat A Little Bit Faster Philles 111 arr 63
Love, Darlene Wait Til' My Bobby Gets Home   Philles 114 arr 63
Love, Darlene A Fine Fine Boy   Philles 117 arr 63
Love, Darlene Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)   Philles 119 arr 63
Love, Darlene   A Christmas Gift For You - LP Philles 4005 arr 63
Love, Darlene Chapel Of Love Back To Mono box set Abkco 7118 2 arr 63
Love, Darlene Stumble And Fall (He's A) Quiet Guy Philles 123 arr 64
Love, Darlene Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Winter Wonderland Philles 125 arr 64
Love, Darlene Run Run Runaway Rare Masters UK - LP PSI 2307 008 arr 64
Love, Darlene Strange Love '' " arr 64
Love, Darlene A Long Way To Be Happy Rare Masters 2 UK - LP PSI 2307 009 arr 64
Love, Darlene Johnny (Baby Please Come Home) '' " arr 64
Love, Darlene Let Him Walk Away So Much Love - A Darlene Love Anthology Ace Records CD 1169 pr, arr, co-wr 63
Lyman, Joni I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Happy Birthday Blue Reprise 0378 pr,arr 65
Lynn, Kari Summer Day Yo-Yo! Auburn 601 arr-unc 61
Lynn, Sammi You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby Blue Butterfly Staccato 101 co-wrB,arr 61
Lynn, Sammi I Could Have Loved You Down On Your Knees Sue 762 pr-unc,wr 62
Mariachi Brass Flowers On The Wall Tequila World Pacific 77815 arr 66
Mariachi Brass   A Taste Of Tequila - LP World Pacific 1839 arr 66
Mariachi Brass   Hats Off - LP World Pacific 1842 arr some 66
Mariachi Brass La Bamba   World Pacific 77853 arr 66
Marie, Celia Walk With Me Please Don't Let Go Era 3090 arr 62
Marketts Miami's Blue Napoleon's Solo W. Bros 5641 arr 65
Marketts Ready, Steady, Go Lady In The Cage W. Bros 5670 arr, wrB 65
Martin, Gail Theme From "The Sand Pebbles"
(And We Were Lovers)
Let's Not Take The Lovin' Out Of Love Reprise 0556 arr 67
Martin, Gail After Loving You   Reprise 0585 arr 67
Martinez, Val Someone's Gonna Cry They RCA 8140 arr,cond 63
Martini, Bernardo Ghost Town Silver Town Philips 40090 arr,cond 63
McDaniels, Gene Walk With A Winner   Liberty 55805 arr 65
McFall, Orphelia He's Never There   Saturn 403 co-wr 60s
McKuen, Rod Some Trust In Chariots   RCA 8839 arr,cond 65
McKuen, Rod The Loner The Loner - LP RCA 3508 arr,cond some 66
Michaels, Danny Everyone's Gone To The Moon Hands LHI 16 arr 69
Mitchell, Guy If You Ever Go Away   Joy 270 arr,cond 62
Mitchell, Guy Have I Told You Lately That I... Blue Violet Joy 273 arr,cond 62
Modern Folk Quartet This Could Be The Night Rare Masters 2 UK - LP PSI 2307 009 arr 65
Modern Folk Quintet Night Time Girl Lifetime Dunhill 4025 pr,arr 66
Moments Walk Right In (vocal) Walk Right In (instrumental) Era 3099 arr,cond 63
Moments Homework Big Round Wheel Era 3104 arr 63
Monkees Porpoise Song As We Go Along Colgems 1031 arr 68
Monte, Christopher Giants Of Bombora My Paradise Dolton 84 arr 63
Nagle, Ron   Bad Rice - LP W. Bros 1902 arr,cond some 67
Nelson, Rick   Another Side Of Rick - LP Decca 4944 arr,cond some 67
Nelson, Rick It Hasn't Happened Yet   Capitol 4974 pr 81
Nelson, Rick   Playing to Win - LP Capitol 12109 pr 81
Neville Brothers   Neville Brothers - LP Capitol 11865 pr 78
Neville Brothers Speed Of Light If It Takes All Night Capitol 4688 pr 79
New Society Do Not Ask For Love Buttermilk RCA 8807 co-pr 66
New Society Of You The Barock Sound - LP RCA 3676 arr 66
Newman, Randy Gone Dead Train Harry Flowers Reprise 0945 co-wrA,wrB,pr 70
Newman, Randy Let's Burn Down The Cornfield 12 Songs - LP Reprise 6373 co-pr 70
Nitzsche, Jack The Lonely Surfer Song For A Summer Night Reprise 20202 co-wrA 63
Nitzsche, Jack Rumble Theme For A Broken Heart Reprise20225 co-wrB 63
Nitzsche, Jack   The Lonely Surfer - LP Reprise 6101 arr 63
Nitzsche, Jack Old Town '' " co-wr 63
Nitzsche, Jack The Last Race The Man With The Golden Arm Reprise 0262 wrA 64
Nitzsche, Jack Theme From The Long Ships Zapata Reprise 0285 arr 64
Nitzsche, Jack   Dance To The Hits Of The Beatles - LP Reprise 6115 arr 64
Nitzsche, Jack My Bonnie " " wr! 64
Nitzsche, Jack Ringo '' " wr 64
Nitzsche, Jack Beatle-Mania '' " wr 64
Nitzsche, Jack Night Walker Green Grass Of Texas Reprise 0337 arr 65
Nitzsche, Jack Senorita From Detroit Puerto Vallarta Reprise 0364 pr,arr,co-wr 65
Nitzsche, Jack African Waltz Gringo Reprise 0417   65
Nitzsche, Jack   Chopin '66 - LP Reprise 6200 arr 66
Nitzsche, Jack Surf Finger Hard Workin' Man CD Ace Records CD 1130 pr,arr,co-wr 66
Nitzsche, Jack   St Giles Cripplegate - LP Reprise 2092 pr,arr 72
Nitzsche, Jack One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest The Last Dance Fantasy 760 wr,arr 76
Nitzsche, Jack & Hazard, Richard You Are My Tomorrow's, Today (from the movie Heroes) Bus Stop Affair MCA 1969 co-wrA, arr 76
Nitzsche, Jack   Three Piece Suite CD Rhino HM 787 pr,arr,wr 01
Northcott, Tom Cities Make The Country... The Rainmaker W. Bros 7330 arr 69
Norman, Jimmy True Love (For Ever More)   Good Sound 106 co-wr 61
Northcott, Tom   Best Of - LP New Syndicate 1859 arr some 69
Back to top of page   Discography o - R (O'Connor, Emil - Round Robin)
Righteous Brothers Moonglow label Round Robin Domain label P.J. Proby picture sleeve Pleasures Catch label Michelle Phillips A&M label Ronettes Philles label Regents Reprise label
O'Connor, Emil There's A Time Some Of Your Lovin' Columbia 42617 arr 63
O'Hara, Charlotte What About You   Ava 126 arr 63
O'Jays That's Enough   Imperial 5976 co-wr 63
Palace Guard All Night Long Playgirl Orange Empire 33 arr 65
Paris Sisters Dream Lover Lonely Girl MGM 23236 dir, arr, unc 64
Paris Sisters Always Waitin' Why Do I Take It From You Mercury 72468 arr, unc 65
Paris Sisters Sincerely Too Good To Be True Reprise 0440 co-pr 65
Paris Sisters I'm Me You Reprise 0472 co-pr 66
Paris Sisters It's My Party My Good Friend Reprise 0511 co-pr 66
Paris Sisters Some Of Your Lovin' Long After Tonight Is All Over Reprise 0548 co-pr 67
Paris Sisters   Sing Everything Under The Sun - LP Reprise 6259 co-pr 67
Parker, Graham Local Girls I Want You Back Arista 0420 pr 79
Parker, Graham   Squeezing Out Sparks - LP Arista 4223 pr 79
Petty, Tom
& Heartbreakers
  Southern Accents - LP MCA 3260 arr strings 85
Phillips, Michelle Victim of Romance Lady Of Fantasy A & M 2021 pr,arr 77
Phillips, Michelle   Victim Of Romance - LP A & M 4651 pr,arr 77
Pleasures Music City If I Had A Little Money Catch 100 arr 64
Powdrill, Pat I Only Came To Dance With You Fell By The Wayside Reprise 20166 arr 63
Powdrill, Pat Happy Anniversary I Forgot More Than You'll... Reprise 20204 arr 63
Proby, P.J. So Do I I Can't Take It Like You Can Liberty 55588 arr,cond 63
Proby, P.J. I Can't Make It Alone   Liberty 55916 pr,arr 66
Proby, P.J. I Can't Make It Alone Sweet Summer Wine UK Liberty 10250 co-wrB,pr,arr 66
Proby, P.J. You Make Me Feel Like Someone Enigma - LP Liberty 83032 pr,arr 67
Prophet, Johnny The Test Of Time Buona Notte Bambino Reprise 20214 arr 63
Randi, Don Spanish Harlem Follow Me Palomar 2201 arr 63
Randi, Don Mexican Pearls I Don't Wanna Be Kissed Palomar 2203 arr 64
Randi, Don Mexican Sunset Baby, You Don't Understand Nothin' Palomar 2210 arr 64
Randi, Don   The Exciting Piano Of Don Randi - LP Palomar 24002 arr 64
Ray, Tony Here Comes School Again Lonely Weekends Dot 17301 arr 69
Regents When I Die Don't You Cry She's Got Her Own Way... Reprise 0430 pr,arr 65
Revere, Paul & Raiders Ups And Downs   Columbia 44018 sco horns 67
Rickett, Nooney A Man Needs Love Hard Workin' Man CD Ace Records CD 1130 pr,arrsco horns 66
Righteous Brothers Try To Find Another Man I Still Love You Moonglow 231 pr,arr 64
Righteous Brothers You Can Have Her Love Or Magic Moonglow 239 prA,arrA 64
Righteous Brothers Burn On Love This Is New - LP Moonglow l003 co-wr 64
Righteous Brothers Just Once In My Life   Philles 127 arr 65
Righteous Brothers Hung On You   Philles 129 arr 65
Righteous Brothers (I Love You ) For Sentimental Reasons   Philles 130 arr 65
Rip Chords Here I Stand   Columbia 42687 arr,cond 63
Robins Just Like That   Arvee 5001 co-wr 60
Robinson, Mark I've Made Enough Mistakes Today Can't Let Her See Me Cry Sylvester 10000 arr, cond 62
Rolling Stones   12 x 5 - LP London 402 ? 64
Rolling Stones Down Home Girl The Rolling Stones Now - LP London 420 piano 65
Rolling Stones Pain In My Heart " " Nitzschephone 65
Rolling Stones   Out Of Our Heads UK - LP Decca 4733 piano/organ on some 65
Rolling Stones   December's Children - LP London 451 ? 65
Rolling Stones   Aftermath UK - LP UK Decca 4786 piano/organ on some 66
Rolling Stones Have You Seen Your Mother...   London 903 arr vocals? 66
Rolling Stones   Flowers - LP London 509 ? 67
Rolling Stones   Between The Buttons - LP London PS 499 ? 67
Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want   London 910 arr vocals 69
Rolling Stones   Let It Bleed - LP London NPS 4 ? 69
Rolling Stones Sister Morphine Sticky Fingers Rolling Stone 59100 piano 71
Rolling Stones Sister Morphine Sticky Fingers Rolling Stone 59100 piano 71
Rolling Stones Indian Girl Emotional Rescue Rolling Stone 39111 arr horns 80
Ronettes Be My Baby   Philles 116 arr 63
Ronettes Baby, I Love You   Philles 118 arr 63
Ronettes (The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up   Philles 120 arr 64
Ronettes Do I Love You   Philles 121 arr 64
Ronettes Walking In The Rain How Does It Feel Philles 123 arr 64
Ronettes Born To Be Together - Philles 126 arr 65
Ronettes Is This What I Get For Loving You? - Philles 128 arr 65
Ronettes When I Saw You - Philles 133 arr 66
Ronettes   A Christmas Gift For You - LP Philles 4005 arr 63
Ronettes - Presenting The Fabulous - LP Philles 4006 arr most 64
Ronettes Paradise Rare Masters UK - LP PSI 2307 008 arr 65
Ronettes Soldier Baby Of Mine '' " arr 64
Ronettes (credited Crystals) Girls Can Tell '' '' arr 63
Ronettes (I'm A) Woman In Love '' '' arr 64
Ronettes Keep On Dancing '' " arr 64
Ronettes Here I Sit '' '' arr 65
Ronettes Keep On Dancing Back To Mono box set CD Abkco 7118-2 arr 64
Rose, David The Blowup   Capitol 5837 co-wr 67
Ross   The Pit And The Pendulum - LP RSO 4802 orc, strings 74
Round Robin Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann   Domain 1404 arr 64
Back to top of page   Discography S - Y (Sainte-Marie, Buffy - Yuro, Timi)
Keely Smith Reprise label Daniel Stone Smash label Karen Verros Dot label Zalman Yanovsky Buddah picture sleeve What Four Capitol label Timi Yuro Mercury label Kathy Young Moongram label
Sainte-Marie, Buffy   She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina - LP Vanguard 711 co-pr 70
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Soldier Blue Until It's Time For You To Go Vanguard 35116 co-pr 70
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Moratorium She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina Vanguard 35127 co-pr,arrB 70
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Now You've Been Gone A Long Time Helpless Vanguard 35135 co-pr,arrB 71
Sales, Soupy Hilly Billy Ding Dong And That's A Shame Reprise 20189 arr 63
Sales, Soupy Santa Claus Is Surfin' To Town Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town Reprise 20244 pr, arr 63
Satisfactions Daddy You Just Gotta Let Him In Bring It All Down Imperial 66170 pr,arr 66
Satisfactions Baby I'm So Glad It Rained Hard Workin' Man CD Ace Records CD 1130 pr,arr&cond 66
Satisfactions I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance Goffin & King Song collection Ace Records CD 1170 pr,arr 66
Satisfactions Yes Sir That's My Baby Phil's Spectre Vol.3 Ace Records CD 1149 pr,arr 66
Satisfactions Woman In Love (With You) Where The Girls Are Vol.7 Ace Records CD 1218 pr,arr 66
Sinners Nightmare Could This Be Love Eden 1 arr,cond 62
Smith, Keely No One Ever Tells You Look Again Reprise 20211 arr,cond 63
Spector, Phil & Artists Silent Night A Christmas Gift For You - LP Philles 4005 arr 63
Stafford, Terry A Little Bit Better Hoping Crusader 110 arr 64
Starr, Ringo Photograph   Apple 1865 arr 73
Starr Sisters All Because Of You Ready For A Change U.A. 569 arr-unc 63
Stevens, April Why Can't A Boy & Girl Just Stay In Love Rare Masters UK - LP PS1 2307 008 arr 63
Stevens, Dodie Does Goodnight Mean Goodbye   Dolton 88 arr 63
Stone, Albert Somebody's Taken Maria Away Don't Believe Him Donna Reprise 0404 pr,arr 65
Stone, Daniel Stay In My Heart Catch Me Smash 1757 arr 62
Stone, Daniel A Little Miss Cool It Must Be Raining Capitol 4590 arr 61
Stone, Daniel A Young Boy Blues Phil's Spectre Vol.3 Ace Records CD 1149 arr 65
Storm, Billy I Can't Help It Educated Fool Infinity 023 arr,cond 62
Storm, Johnny Buckets Of Tears Stay In My Heart Staccato 1002 arr 61
Streisand, Barbra   Streisand Superman - LP Columbia 34830 arr some 77
Summers, Davey Calling All Cars The Good Ship Love Vim 101 arr 63
Sumner   Sumner - LP Elektra 267 pr 80
Tempo, Nino & April Whispering   Atco 6281 arr-unc 63
Tempo, Nino & April Stardust   Atco 6286 arr-unc 64
Them Lonely Weekends I Am Waiting Happy Tiger 525 arr 69
Them   Them - LP Happy Tiger arr some 69
Tillison, Roger Nobody's Lover   World Pacific 77856 arr 65
Timers No Go Showboat Competion Coupe Reprise 231 part arr 63
Townsend, Sherrell He Thinks I Still Care Glass Of Tears Gone 5135 wrB,arr,cond 62
Treasures Hold Me Tight   Shirley 500 arr 64
Tubes Don't Touch Me There   A & M 1826 arr 76
Turner, Ike & Tina River Deep - Mountain High   Philles 131 arr 66
Turner, Ike & Tina I'll Never Need More Than This   Philles 135 arr 67
Turner, Ike & Tina   River Deep - Mountain High - LP Philles 4011 ar some 67
Turtles She'd Rather Be With Me   White Whale 249 arr horns 67
Turtles You Know What I Mean   White Whale 254 arr strings 67
Twilley, Dwight Somebody to Love The Great Lost Twilley - LP DCC 8020 pr 93
Van Valkenburgh, Deborah Dangerous Strangers Where Do I Fit In Casablanca 2333 pr 81
Vee, Bobby Run Like The Devil Take A Look Around Me Liberty 55828 arr 65
Vee, Bobby Like Someone In Love Hard Workin' Man CD Ace Records CD 1130 arr & cond 66
Venet Orchestra, Nick Mr. Novak (Part 1) Mr. Novak (Part 2) MGM arr 64
Veronica So Young   Phil Spector l arr 64
Veronica Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love   Phil Spector 2 arr 64
Verros, Karen You Just Gotta Know My Mind Karen's Theme Dot 16780 arr,cond 65
Verros, Karen Little Boy I Can't Remember Ever... Dot 16815 arr,cond 65
Vincent, James Drifting Into Love Song For Jayme Caribou 9016 arr 76
Vincent, James   Space Travler - LP Caribou 34237 arr most 76
Vincent, James Space Traveller Walking On Higher Ground Caribou 9019 arr 77
Vulcanes My Heart Won't Believe It Poison Ivy Capitol 5423 arr 64
Vulcanes My Heart Won't Believe It & Poison Ivy alt. vers. Rare Surf CD ATM 3836-AH arr 64
Walker Brothers Love Her The Seventh Dawn Smash 1976 arr 65
Welch, Bob   Man Overboard - LP Capitol 16269 orc 80
Westwoods I Miss My Surfer Boy Too Will You Love Me A & M 763 co-arr 64
What Four Anything For A Laugh Baby Can't You Hear Me Call Your Name Capitol 5449 arr,cond 64
Wildcats What Are We Gonna Do In '64? 3625 Groovy Street Reprise 0253 co-pr 64
Williams, Tony & Life   Million Dollar Legs LP Columbia 34263 ar horns & strings 76
Wonder, Stevie Castles In The Sand   Tamla 54090 arr-unc 64
Yanovsky, Zalman As Long As You're Here Ereh Er'ouy Sa Gnol Sa Buddah 12 pr,arr 67
Yolanda & Castanets What About Me Meet Me After School Tandem 7002 arr 61
Yolanda & Charmanes There Oughta Be A Law Hootchy Cootchy Girl Smash 1777 arr-unc 62
Young Jessie I'm A Lovin' Man Too Fine For Cryin' Mercury 72104 arr,cond 62
Young Jessie You Were Meant For Me Mary Lou Mercury 72146 arr 63
Young, Kathy I'll Love That Man (Hey There) Dreamboy Monogram 506 arr 62
Young, Neil String Quartet From Whiskey Neil Young - LP Reprise 6317 pr,arr,wr 69
Young, Neil   After The Gold Rush - LP Reprise 6383 piano 70
Young, Neil/Crazy Horse   Live at the Filmore East - March 6 & 7, 1970 - CD Reprise 9362-44429-2 electric piano 06
Young, Neil A Man Needs A Maid Harvest - LP Reprise 2032 pr,arr 72
Young, Neil There's A World '' '' pr,arr 72
Young, Neil & Graham Nash War Song   Reprise 1099 keyboards? 72
Young, Neil   Time Fades Away - LP Reprise 2151 guitar,keyboards 73
Young, Neil The Last Train To Tulsa   Reprise 1184 keyboards? 72
Young, Neil   Tonight's The Night - LP Reprise 2221 guitar,keyboards 75
Young, Neil/Crazy Horse   Life - LP Geffen 24154 pr some 87
Young, Neil   Harvest Moon - LP Reprise 45057 arr some 92
Young, Neil   Neil Young Archives Vol.1 (1963-1972) Reprise 515697 pr, arr, piano some 09
Yuro, Timi You Can Have Him Could This Be Magic Mercury 72391 arr,cond 65
Yuro, Timi Teardrops 'Till Dawn   Mercury 72478 arr 65

Key to abbreviations:
A: A-side B: B-side pr: produced co-pr: co-produced arr: arranged co-arr: co-arranged sco: scored
wr: written co-wr: co-written cond: conducted orc: orchestrated co-orc: co-orchestrated unc: uncredited ?: unconfirmed

Compiled by Martin Roberts