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      1. Teddy Vann discography
           From: Davie Gordon 

Message: 1 Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 16:19:35 -0000 From: Davie Gordon Subject: Teddy Vann discography Here's a hopefully near complete listing of records he worked on. TEDDY VANN DISCOGRAPHY ================================ 1956 THE MUSIC VANNS (Glory 245) 08/56 Book Of Love Goodbye My Dancing Doll [I'm not absolutely sure Teddy was involved in this record but all my instinct say he was] THE FOUR VANNS (Vik 0246) 12/56 So Young And So Pretty (Vann) Sha-Bee-Dah-Ah Ding (Vann) Prod : 1959 TEDDY VANN (Lancer 103) Bells Of Love Please Don't Ever Go Prod : TEDDY VANN (End 1059) BB10/12/59 There Is Someone (Teddy Vann) Sweetheart Prod : THE WHEELS (Folly 800) BB12/14/59 Clap Your Hands - PT. 1 (Vann) Clap Your Hands - PT. 2 (Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 1960 THE BOBBETTES (Galliant 1006) BB01/11/60 Oh My Papa I Cried (Teddy Vann) Prod : TEDDY VANN (Triple X 101) Cindy I'm Waiting (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE BOBBETTES (Triple-X 104) BB 06/20/60 I Shot Mr. Lee Billy (Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann TONY COSMO (Roulette 4265) BB07/18/60 Teenager For President (Vann) Give Me Some (Vann) Prod : CLAY COLE (Roulette 4280) BB08/29/60 Here, There And Everywhere (Teddy Vann) Skip, Skip (Vann) Prod : THE BOBBETTES (Triple-X 106) BB 09/19/60 Dance With Me Georgie Have Mercy Baby Prod : Teddy Vann TEDDY VANN (Roulette 4300) 11/60 Young And Pretty Bride (Vann) Do You Love Me (Vann) Prod : TONY COSMO (Vann 100) BB12/26/60 Big Party Tiny Hands and Funny Dimples (Vann) Prod : 1961 TEDDY VANN (Columbia 41996) 05/61 Lonely Crowd (Vann) I Was Born To Love You (Vann) Prod : TEDDY VANN (Columbia 42145) 09/61 Rhythm And Blues Song Soon One Morning Prod : THE GREAT NATHANIEL (Vann 101) BB12/11/61 Soul (Teddy Vann) Lost Prod : 1962 TEDDY VANN (Jubilee 5424) BB 05/26/62 River Keep Moving (Vann) Who Knows What Will Be Tomorrow (Vann) Prod : THE BOBBETTES (Jubilee 5427) BB 07/07/62 Loneliness (Teddy Vann, Vic Thomas) Over There Stands My Baby (Teddy Vann, Sidney Barnes) Prod : Teddy Vann JIMMY JONES (Cub 9110) BB 07/21/62 You're Much Too Young (Vann) Nights Of Mexico (Passman,Russell) Prod : Teddy Vann THE BOBBETTES (Jubilee 5442) BB11/03/62 The Broken Heart (Teddy Vann) Mama, Papa (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 129) BB 12/15/62 Loop De Loop (Teddy Vann, Joe Dong) Don't Be Ashamed (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 1963 JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 132) BB 03/02/63 The Rosey Dance (Teddy Vann) Rockabye My Darling (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann DON DAY CURTIS (ABC 10416) 03/63 Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (Brown,Tobias,Stept) Story Of Janie Prod : Teddy Vann [Don Day Curtis is a pseudonym for ex-Hollywood Flame Donald Height] THE BOBBETTES (Diamond 133) 04/63 Row, Row, Row (Teddy Vann) Teddy (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann LITTLE JULIUS (Diamond 134) 04/63 Bachelor (Teddy Vann) Happy Song Prod : Teddy Vann THE PASSIONS (ABC 10436) 04/63 The Empty Seat (Teddy Vann) The Bully (Teddy Vann, the Passions) Prod : Teddy Vann LAURIE PARIS (ABC 10441) 05/63 Goodbye High School (Vann, Stay Prod : Teddy Vann JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 137) BB 05/25/63 Jailer, Bring Me Water Outlaw (Teddy Vann, Billy Meshel) Prod : Teddy Vann TRACEY and TROY (Roulette 4509) Buffalo Walk Donna Do (Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann EVIE SANDS (ABC 10458) 07/63 The Roll (Teddy Vann) My Dog Prod : DON DAY CURTIS (ABC 10459) 07/63 The Bumble Bee (Teddy Vann) Don't Talk About Me Baby (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE BOBBETTES (Diamond 142) 08/63 Close Youe Eyes (Chuck Willis) Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell Prod : Teddy Vann THE PASSIONS (Diamond 146) 09/63 Sixteen Candles (Luther Dixon,A R Khent) The Third Floor (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann DONALD HEIGHT (Jubilee 5461) BB 10/26/63 Run Joe Soul Monkey Twist (Bailey,Vann,Height) Prod : Teddy Vann JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 148) BB 10/05/63 Hey Child (Wes Farrell, Chip Taylor) Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup Prod : Teddy Vann ROBERT PORTEE (Diamond 151) 12/63 Casanova (Teddy Vann, Donald Height) I Am So Proud (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 152) 12/63 Constitution Of Love Good Morning Sadness (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 1964 ROBERTA MESHEL (Diamond 154) BB 01/18/64 My Top Ten Chart (Teddy Vann, Roger Atkins) Uptown Blues (Teddy Vann) - THE THEODORE ORCHESTRA Prod : Teddy Vann JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 155) BB 01/18/64 Everybody Likes To Dance With Johnny Zoo-Lee-Oh (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE BOBBETTES (Diamond 156) BB 01/25/64 My Mama Said (Teddy Vann,Roger Atkins) Sandman Prod : Teddy Vann JIMMY CLARKE (Diamond 157) BB 01/25/64 Everything's Fine (Teddy Vann) Shirley (Teddy Vann, Ralph Bailey) Prod : Teddy Vann THE BOBBETTES (Diamond 166) BB 05/09/64 In Paradise I'm Climbing A Mountain (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann DEAN PARRISH (Warner Bros. 5436) 05/64 Come On Down (Anastasi,Vann) The Pavilion Prod : Teddy Vann THE EGGHEADS (Bell 601) Foolin' Around (Lucky Licardi) Miracle Prod : Teddy Vann DAVE BABY CORTEZ (Epic 9732) 09/64 Popping Popcorn (Teddy Vann,David Clowney) The Question Prod : TV CHANT PAUL (Felsted 8696) The Mirror (TV) White Cliffs Of Dover Prod : Teddy Vann DAVE 'BABY' CORTEZ (Okeh 7208) BB12/05/64 Poppin' Popcorn (Teddy Vann,David Clowney) The Question (Teddy Vann, ) Prod : Teddy Vann 1965 THE SABLES (RCA 8521) BB 03/13/65 I'm On Fire (Teddy Vann,F Williams) Darling Prod : Teddy Vann THE BOBBETTES (Diamond 181) BB 04/17/65 I'm Climbing A Mountain (Teddy Vann) Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Prod : Teddy Vann DONALD HEIGHT (RCA 8570) 05/65 Mr. Ocean (Height, Meshel, Vann) Girl Do You Love Me (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE UPTIGHTS (Mala 528) 05/65 The Academy Awards Of Love (Teddy Vann) Love You Forever Prod : Teddy Vann for Hugo + Luigi Productions THE DIXIE DRIFTER (Roulette 4641) BB 08/14/65 Soul Heaven (Teddy Vann) Three Chairs Theme (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE BOBBETTES (Diamond 189) BB09/18/65 Love Is Blind Teddy (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE DIXIE DRIFTER (Roulette 4652) 10/65 Blowin' In The Wind (Bob Dylan) Soul Train (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 192) BB11/13/65 Everybody Do The Sloopy Beautiful (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann STEVE BLOOD (RCA 8711) 11/65 The New Young American (Teddy Vann) I'm Off To See The World (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann FREDDIE WILLIAMS (Zizz) Let's Shindig (F Williams,Teddy Vann) ? Prod : Teddy Vann [at a guess this singer is probably an ex-member of The Sables on RCA as an "F. Williams" gets a co-writer credit on their single] DONALD HEIGHT (Roulette 4658) 12/65 You're Too Much (Height,Clark) Song Of The Street (Height,Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 1966 JUNE ADAMS (Roulette 4660) BB01/22 The Human Race (Teddy Vann) I'm Not That Kind Of Girl (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann LARRY HALE (Columbia 43513) BB 01/29/66 Shout And Do The Duck (Teddy Vann) Shout And Do The Duck - intr. (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann JOHNNY THUNDER (Diamond 196) BB 02/19/66 My Prayer (Boulanger,Kennedy) Broken Heart (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann ROBERTA MESHEL (Date 1506) BB 03/19/66 If There's A People Up There (Teddy Vann) Space Ballad Prod : Teddy Vann JUNE ADAMS (Roulette 4677) BB 03/26/66 Heavenly Father River, Keep Movin' (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann DARLENE MCCRAE (Jubilee 5524) I Feel A Little Bit Better (Teddy Vann) Soulful Feeling Prod : Teddy Vann RAY BREWSTER (Diamond 199) BB 04/16/66 Love Song (Teddy Vann) Worlds of White and Brown (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann LARRY HALE (Diamond 203) BB 06/04/66 Once (Teddy Vann) Polly Wolly (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann for Hgo + Luigi Productions HONEY TOWNSEND (Mala 540) 10/66 The World Again (Teddy Vann) Technicolor Dream (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE ESSEX (Bang 537) BB 12/10/66 The Eagle (TV) Moonlight, Music and You (TV) Prod : Teddy Vann JUNE ADAMS (Roulette 4708) Soul Angel So Good Prod : Teddy Vann 1967 FRANKIE AND THE CLASSICALS (Calla 127) 01/67 What Shall I Do (Teddy Vann) I Only Have Eyes For You Prod : Teddy Vann [alternative flip : Goodbye Love, Hello Sadness (Teddy Vann)] LARRY CAPELL (RCA 9088) BB 02/11/67 River of Soul (Teddy Vann) Hush, Hush (Teddy Vann) Prod / arr : Teddy Vann [this might be Larry Hale] TEDDY VANN (Capitol 5878) 03/67 Adventures of Colored Man Theme from Colored Man Prod : LAURA GREENE (RCA 9164) 04/67 Moonlight, Music And You (Teddy Vann) Love Is Strange Prod : Teddy Vann THE SANDPEBBLES (Calla 134) 07/67 Forget It, I Got It (Teddy Vann,Calvin White) Psychedelic Technicolor Dream (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE SANDPEBBLES (Calla 141) BB 10/21/67 Love Power (Teddy Vann) Because Of Love (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann SHAN MILES (Shout 222) BB 11/11/67 Soul People - Pt. 1 (Teddy Vann) Soul People - Pt. 2 (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE FUGITIVES (Roulette 4779) BB 12/23/67 Don't Play That Song Human Jungle (Teddy Vann,Herman Kelley) Prod : Teddy Vann 1968 TONY FOX (Calla 146) BB 02/03/68 (I've Got To) Do It To It (Teddy Vann,Calvin White) E.S.P Prod : Teddy Vann THE SANDPEBBLES (Calla 148) 03/68 If You Didn't Hear Me The First Time (Teddy Vann) Flower Power (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann TONY FOX (Calla 151) BB 06/01/68 Lean On Me (Teddy Vann) Grass Roots (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann ESTELLE (Laurie 3449) 06/68 The Year 2000 (Teddy Vann) Naked Boy Prod : Teddy Vann [this is Estelle Bennett of The Ronettes who was married to Teddy Vann's colleague Joe Dong] THE SUBWAY RIDERS (Moonshot 6706) Adam (Teddy Vann) After The Session Prod : Teddy Vann THE SANDPEBBLES (Calla 153) BB 07/27/68 Let It Be Me (Becaud,Curtis,Delanoe) Soul Keeps Rolling Along (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE SANDPEBBLES (Calla 155) BB 09/21/68 Never My Love (Addrisi, Addrisi) Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 1969 THE SANDPEBBLES (Calla 160) BB 03/15/69 You Turn Me On (Teddy Vann) Garden of Eden (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann THE LOVE CHAIN (Minit 32065) 04/69 I'm Loving You Baby (Teddy Vann) The Love Chain (Teddy Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann (also issued as United Artists 50524) THE LOVE CHAIN (UA 50582) 09/69 The Sun Over The Rainbow Prod : Teddy Vann THE LOVE CHAIN (UA 50621) 12/69 John and Mary (Vann) Sensitive Vibrations (Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 1970 TONY LAWRENCE AND THE CULTURAL FESTIVALS (Lolo 2102) 1970 Harlem Cultural Festival (Teddy Vann,Tony Lawrence) ? Prod : Teddy Vann [possibly the same person as Tony Cosmo on Vann in 1960] JOHNNY THUNDER (UA 50736) 12/70 Love Trip Power To The People (Vann) Prod : Teddy Vann 1971 TONY FOX AND COMMUNION (Mercury 73188) 04/71 Love Power (Vann) One Hell Of A Child Prod : Teddy Vann NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR (UA 50870) 12/71 Baby Without A Name (Vann) Earthman (Vann) Prod : 1972 DIANA SUMMERS AND THE LOVE PLANET (Roulette 7127) 06/72 Love In The Summertime (Vann) ? Prod : Teddy Vann NB : some of these listings have no producer credit - it's 99% certain that Teddy was the producer but in the interests of accuracy where I haven't seen the actual record (or a scan) I've left the producer credit open. Any help in filling in the gaps would be appreciated. Somewhere along the line there seems to have been a Christmas album written and produced by Teddy but so far I haven't been able to track down details. ================= Compiled by David L. Gordon -------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]------------------- SPECTROPOP features: End

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