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In many ways, the everpresent English trio the Breakaways could be called the British equivalent of L.A.'s Blossoms. The Breakaways were formed by three ex-Vernons Girls. While Samantha Jones (also an ex-Vernons Girls) continued in show business as a solo artist, Betty Prescott, Margot Quantrell, and Vicki Haseman (and later joined by Jean Ryder) became the most in demand session singers of the swinging sixties.

As session regulars, they sang on hundreds of sessions, but the group also recorded a handful of notable if relatively unsuccessful singles under their own name. In 1964 the girls released "The Boy of Mine" on Pye Records. Though the A side is a delightful Tony Hatch composition, it's the B side (written by Greenwich/ Barry) that truly stands out. Here we have the Breakaways singing threats of "pushing her through the wall" because "he's my guy and you'd better stay away!" Next in line was the killer single "He doesn't love me" and "That's how it goes." This is LOUD and ENERGETIC stuff! The group's style was more often than not rather purposely raw, yet they showed sophistication on many occasions such as when they appeared as "and chorus" on Burt Bacharach's "Trains & Boats & Planes.

In 1968 with four singles behind them, the Breakaways recorded the Mike Leander tune "Sacred Love." Blending the psychedelic sound with those renowned girl group melodies makes for the most unusual and beautiful composition.

If you want a band with the intensity of the Spector sound and that Girl Group sparkle, the Breakaways will surely deliver.

Releases include "That Boy of Mine"; "He Doesn't Love Me"; "That's How It Goes"; "Your Kind of Love" and the highly regarded "Sacred Love".

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"After many years of recording with the highly successful group the Vernons Girls, Margot Quantrell, Vicki Haseman, Betty Prescott, and Jean Ryder all left that group for different reasons. Still remaining friends, the gals decided they wanted to give the music business another try. The Breakaways went on to become the premiere session singers in Britain..." >>>presented by the Girl Group Chronicles
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"...They went on to sing on literally hundreds of sessions in support of acts including Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black and Lulu, additionally touring England behind American stars like Little Richard and Sam Cooke and regularly appearing on the hit television series Ready, Steady, Go..."
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