Girl Groups of the 60s - oldies pop music
Spectropop & Cha Cha Charming present
The Girl Groups of the 60s
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The Angelettes
The Angels
The Apollas
Baby Jane & the Rockabyes
The Blossoms
The Bobbettes
More Bobbettes
Bonnie Sisters
The Bouquets
The Breakaways 1
The Breakaways 2
Brenda and the Tabulations
The Bunnies/Goodies
The Butterflys
More Candy and the Kisses
The Caravelles
The Chantels
The Chantelles
The Chiffons
More Chiffons
The Cookies
The Crystals
The Daughters Of Eve
The Delicates
The Dixie Cups
The Exciters
The Fascinations
Honey Ltd
The Honeybees
The Honeys
The Jaynetts
The Jaynetts
The Jelly Beans
The Lovelites
The Marvelettes
The Murmaids
More Murmaids
Orchids (Blue Orchids)
The Orlons
The Paris Sisters
The Percells
Pixies 3
The Poni-Tails
The Quin-Tones
The Raindrops
Diane Renay
Reparata and the Delrons 1
Reparata and the Delrons 2
The Ronettes
Rosie and the Originals
The Sandpipers
The Sapphires
The Secrets
The Sensations
The Shangri-Las
The Shirelles
The Swans
The Sweet Inspirations
The Tammys
The Teardrops
The Toys
More Toys
The Three Bells
The 2 Of Clubs
The Velvelettes
The Vernons Girls
The Whyte Boots
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