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Two girls, an acoustic guitar, nine singles, and an ethereal folk-pop sound so distinct "that you can spot one of their records from a mile away" (Mick Patrick, That Will Never Happen Again). Enter Andrea Simpson and Lois Wilkinson, two office co-workers who combined their musical talents and formed The Caravelles. Their first single in 1963, a remake of "You don't have to be a baby to cry," was surprisingly their first and only hit. It took them to America for a short tour and spawned a rerelease of "You don't have to be a baby...." on Smash records in the states. Though they released far more interesting singles later on, The Caravelles already had their brief moment of fame. Most would agree that their sound was just too strange for the times.

In 1964 they did a gentle, but twangy cover of Robin Ward's "Winter's Here" retitled as "You are Here." By 1966, Lois Wilkinson had made the decision to go solo, while Andrea continued alongside Australian, Lynne Hamilton and released the gorgeous, "The Other Side of Love," a particular favorite of mine. However, most collectors would agree that their '66 rarity "Hey mama you've been on my mind" was their most impressive cut.

The Caravelles Profile

"Lois Wilkinson and Andrea Simpson both worked at the same office in London, England. The two really didn't consider themselves singers, but the two did sing as amateurs at some parties. After several such appearances, some of their fellow employees encouraged them to put out a real record. The girls decided to do it, and after many hours of rehearsing and perfecting arrangements, they cut their first demo.

The B-side of Tennessee Ernie Ford's hit "Sixteen Tons," was a tender tune called "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry." The cut impressed the people at B.P.R. so much, they decided to take a chance, and released a new version. The record became a smash hit in the United Kingdom, and coincidentally, it was given to Smash records to put out in North America. ..." >>>presented by the Girl Group Chronicles

More on The Caravelles
"...A female duo consisting of Lois Wilkinson and Andrea Simpson from London, England whose peak recording period was from 1963 to 1968. They were co-workers who entertained at office parties and amateur shows. Encouraged by co-workers to cut a record, they did a demo of "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry," a tune they discovered on the back of Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons." They name themselves the Caravelles after the French airliner. A local company, B. P. R. Records liked the demo and redid the song in a professional studio. It became a big hit in the United Kingdom and was picked up by Smash Records for North American distribution, and nearly aced Billboard before nesting at #3 December 21, 1963 ..."
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