Recordings that include actual segments of Spector discs

'She's Real' by KICKING GIANT (K Records xxxxii) samples the 'Be My Baby' drum figure (slowed down, but unmistakable).


DICKIE GOODMAN's 'Senate Hearing' (20th Century Fox 443) is a break-in novelty that includes a snippet of 'Then He Kissed Me'.

'On Campus' by DICKIE GOODMAN (Cotique 158) is another of his break-in records, this time featuring a snatch of 'To Know Him Is To Love Him'.

One more break-in record including a clip from 'To Know Him Is To Love Him' was released on two different labels with different B-sides and with different artists credited, although the A-side recordings themselves are identical. 'The Trial', written by Herb Alpert and Lou Adler, was released as by HERB B. LOU & THE LEGAL EAGLES (Arch 1607) and as by JERRY FIELD & THE LAWYERS (Parkway 801).

HYBRID KIDS (aka Morgan Fisher) sample Darlene Love's version (as well as Bing Crosby's) of 'White Christmas' on the song 'Listen, The Snow Is Falling' on their/his Christmas album 'Claws' (original LP: Cherry Red [UK] 11; CD reissue: Blueprint [UK] 273).

Two of the six mixes of WHIGFIELD's cover of 'Be My Baby' (ZYX CD single [Germany] 9044-8) sample the opening drumbeats of the Ronettes' original: the Radio Cut and the Spanish Version.

A bit of the Ronettes' version of 'Frosty The Snowman' is sampled in LOVECRAFT TECHNOLOGIES' rendition on the various-artists CD 'A Mutated Christmas' (Illegal Art 105).

SHONEN KNIFE's 'Christmas Message '91' (Rockville 6075) begins and ends with a sample from the Ronettes' version of 'Sleigh Ride'. In between, the piano intro from Phil's 'Silent Night' is sampled and looped. The record was produced and its sleeve designed - without printed credit - by Spectropop founder Page Porrazzo, aka Jamie LePage. (See also Part 5: You Get The Picture? and Part 6: The Sincerest Form Of Flattery)

The Ramones tribute CD 'Ramones Addicts' (Timber [France] 1000) includes a version of 'Baby, I Love You' by MOLAIRE that samples the strings from The Ramones' own Spector-produced rendition.


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