Recorded homages to Ronnie Spector, rather than Phil

'Frenchette' by DAVID JOHANSEN, from his eponymous LP (Blue Sky 34926), includes the lyric 'I fell in love with Veronica and every last one of the Ronettes'. There is also a live version of the tune on his LP 'Live It Up' (Blue Sky 38004).

On an LP called 'The DAVID BOWIE Interview' (RCA DJL1-3840), issued to radio stations to promote his 'Scary Monsters' album, Bowie says of his vibrato-heavy interpretation of the song 'Kingdom Come' that it is '...a bit of a nod of the head to Ronnie Spector, someone...I admire tremendously'.

DEACON BLUE have a song called 'Ronnie Spector', originally a B-side on some editions of their single 'Dignity' (DEAC T4 and DEAC EP4 only) and later compiled on their rarities collection 'Ooh Las Vegas' (CBS [UK] 467242).

THE NEANDERTHALS' CD 'The Latest Menace To The Human Race' (Get Hip 1063) contains a song about Ronnie (and Phil) called 'Mascara, Miniskirts And Madness'.

BLESSED ETHEL, too, have a song about Ronnie and Phil; it's called 'Veronica'. It appears in its full 3:45 version on their full-length CD 'Welcome To The Rodeo' (Big Pop 0710-2) and as the A-side to a German CD single (SPV 055-44563). A 3:24 version shows up as a B-side to their British 'Fat Star' CD single (2 Damn Loud 010). (See also Part 1: Honorable Mention and Part 2: Quote Unquote)

MIRACLE MILE have a song called 'Kissing Ronnie Spector' on their album 'Candids' (Miracle [UK] 5); it's also included in their CD EP 'Walking John Wayne: Heroes & Misfits' (Miracle [UK] 6) - '...That's why I kiss Ronnie Spector/In a Big Apple shower...'. A reference to 'Walking In The Rain', perhaps?

Ronnie is named, along with her ex-husband, in the lyrics to STEVEN T.'s song 'L.A. Radio'. (see Part 1: Honorable Mention)

In 'Pup Tune' by WILLIE 'LOCO' ALEXANDER & THE BOOM-BOOM BAND, which they have always dedicated in concert (and still do) to Ronnie Spector, one repeated line goes 'I passed out with Miss Veronica'. Later in the song, best described as a surreal masturbatory fantasy, Willie shouts 'Ronnie!' over and over. It's contained on the various-artists compilation LP 'Live at the Rat', Rat 528. (See also Part 2: Quote Unquote)

The birth of his daughter Anna inspired Ed Masley's song 'The New Ronnie Spector', found on his group THE BREAKUP SOCIETY's CD 'James at 35', Get Hip 1120. The tune is available as a free mp3 download, and you can find the complete lyrics, here: (See also Part 2: Quote Unquote)

RONNIE SPECTOR and David A. Young photographed by Gillian G. Gaar, November 2000. Don't forget to e-mail me with any additions or corrections. Thanks!


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